An Animal Crossing Player Discovered a Way to Tell whether Celeste Will Visit

An Animal Crossing Player Discovered a Way to Tell whether Celeste Will Visit

If a player calls a group stretch after 7 p.m., they can see if Celeste is on their island by seeing if she comes up for the exercise.

A savvy Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recently provided a tip for discovering if the owl Celeste is visiting their island. Happy Home Paradise, Nintendo’s latest social simulator, released its sole paid DLC material earlier this month, along with version 2.0, a free update that provided plenty of more content on its own.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a unique gaming element in that it takes place in real-time, which means the time and date in-game correspond to whatever it is on a player’s Nintendo Switch. Even while no active play occurs, the other villagers on a player’s island act accordingly, and events can occur. Celeste, a New Horizons character, is particularly affected by this mechanic because she only comes on a player’s island between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. on evenings when a meteor shower is expected. What makes things much more difficult during those hours is that she roams the island, making it tough to locate her for her one-of-a-kind inventory.

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Fortunately, Reddit user InternetRealistic27 published a great “hack” that tells gamers whether Celeste is even on their island. A player can readily see if the owl is roaming around by completing a group stretch after 7 p.m. This gameplay mechanic from earlier versions of the series was introduced to New Horizons as part of update 2.0 and can be used at any day. Many villagers will join the player during this activity, including Celeste if she is on the island.

update 2.0 hack: if you want to know if Celeste is on your island just do a group stretch session after 7pm from AnimalCrossing

There is another way for players to figure out if the owl will be there before her regularly planned roaming period, according to commenters on InternetRealistic27’s article. During the hours running up to 7 p.m., she can be spotted in The Roost. Despite being an owl, Celeste appears to require some caffeine before spending the night on a player’s island.

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Update 2.0 added a considerable amount of content to an already big game, and it looks that New Horizons players are finally finding some of the addition’s more subtle gameplay components. Little nuances, such as Celeste entering a nighttime stretch or a Pergola keeping insects at bay, give dimensions to how players approach the game. Suppose the basic game’s expansiveness is any indicator. In that case, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community will undoubtedly discover a slew of new hidden mechanics introduced by update 2.0, as well as Happy Home Paradise for those who purchased it.

On the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available to play.

Source: InternetRealistic27/Reddit