Animal Crossing Update is Removing Items From Players’ Islands

Animal Crossing Update is Removing Items From Players' Islands

Following the game’s latest 2.0 November update, some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players discover that goods have been deleted from their islands.

Some Animal Crossing: Recent Horizons players have noticed that the game’s new 2.0 update has taken away goods from their islands. The occurrence has been reported on Reddit, with numerous players reporting having encountered it. The latest Animal Crossing game update went online ahead of schedule, having been scheduled for November 5.

Animal Crossing fans have eagerly anticipated the game’s massive update since Nintendo announced it last month. The new content includes a slew of new objects, activities, and quality-of-life enhancements, as well as new residents and NPCs. Cooking, farming, boat trips, and the Roost cafe are among the highlights of the update, all of which provide further reasons for players to return to island life. In addition, the update adds to the previously announced material, with a slew of minor but welcome surprises in store for Animal Crossing fans, such as the ability to save DIY recipes.

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While many players love the new content, some Animal Crossing gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with objects that have mysteriously vanished from their islands on Reddit. Following the installation of the 2.0 update, Redditor JiubSt noticed that all of the furnishings and statues from the fourth tier of their island had mysteriously vanished. The user posted before and after photos of their island, displaying the figures that had disappeared. Other Redditors have reported the same issue, most likely due to the game’s prohibition on fourth-level terraforming. Animal Crossing usually only lets players explore three levels simultaneously, with the fourth only accessible through flaws until Nintendo fixes the game. Users who notice missing things on their island should look for them in the recycling box in Resident Services, according to Reddit user AISuessNext, which means they won’t be wiped from the game.

Update 2.00 REMOVED all furnitures/statues on 4th tier… My statues are gone 😭😭😭😭😭 from AnimalCrossing

While the missing Animal Crossing goods aren’t gone for good, it’s a source of annoyance for those who have fully designed islands. Placing goods on the fourth tier is a time-consuming operation, especially for larger items like sculptures, and changing them all will be an inconvenience. Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t responded to the problem, but given that four-tier builds aren’t generally permitted in the game, it’s unlikely that it will.

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Although the most recent Animal Crossing update adds a lot of new stuff for players to enjoy, Nintendo has stated that it will be the final major update for New Horizons. While it’s unclear why the update removed fourth-tier decorations, probably, it won’t happen again, as future updates and add-ons should be smaller and more controlled. Reorganizing furniture and sculptures within a construct may be an annoyance with the new Animal Crossing update, but at least the lost things aren’t gone for good.

Source: Reddit/JiubSt