How to: FIX Can’t change graphics settings in Age of Empires 4

How to: FIX Can’t change graphics settings in Age of Empires 4

Here we can see, “How to: FIX Can’t change graphics settings in Age of Empires 4”

  • Many players of Age of Empires 4 have complained that they cannot alter the visual settings.
  • It can be because of software compatibility issues, using an unsupported PC, or an older version of Windows, among other things.
  • You can quickly resolve the problem by making changes to the game files, updating Windows, or using various other techniques.
  • Discover the finest faction in Age of Empires 4 by learning about its many sections.
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What can I do if I can’t change the graphics settings in Age of Empires 4?

1. Restart the PC

    1. Press Alt + F4 on the desktop to open the Shut Down Windows box.
    2. Select Restart from the list of available options by clicking on the dropdown menu that appears.
    3. To restart Windows, click OK.

If Age of Empires 4 has a bug that prevents you from adjusting the visual settings, restarting the game will solve the problem. Rebooting the computer fixes the issue by reloading the OS and removing any transient issues.

2. Edit Age of Empires 4 game files

    1. To open File Explorer, press Windows + E.
    2. Navigate here or enter the following URL in the address bar at the top:
      • Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 4\Users\NewProfile3.xml
    3. You can alter this using Notepad++ or any other XML editor.
    4. Find the line that contains optiongrfxres and replace it with the following:
      • <Setting Name="optiongrfxres">1920 x 1080</Setting>
    5. Save your modifications, and the game should update to reflect them.

You can utilize the other options in the dropdown menu for the exact resolution in addition to the ones we’ve selected here by looking for them. To alter the graphical settings in Age of Empires 4, replace the resolution value in the above line.

3. Change Age of Empires 4 compatibility mode

    1. As you did before, press Windows + E to open File Explorer.
    2. To open the XML file, go to the same location as you did in the previous fix:
      • \Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 4\Users\NewProfile3.xml
    3. This time, we’ll alter the compatibility mode rather than the resolution.
    4. Find and remove the following line from the XML file:
      • <Setting Name="optiongrfxwindowmode">false</Setting>
    5. Paste this in its place now:
      • <Setting Name="optiongrfxwindowmode">true</Setting>
    6. You should now be able to make the appropriate modifications to the game settings after switching the mode.

Change the compatibility mode in the XML file and see if it helps if the previous repair didn’t work. Most players who couldn’t adjust their Age of Empires 4 graphical settings found this helpful solution.

4. Update Windows 11

    1. The Settings app will open when you press Windows + I.
    2. From the tabs shown in the navigation pane on the left, choose Windows Update.
    3. Select Windows Update once more from the list on the right.
    4. To view and download any available updates, select Check for updates.

When adjusting the graphical settings in Age of Empires 4, the likelihood is that your earlier version of Windows is at blame. Patches and additions are released with every update, and these may be able to resolve the problem.

Installing the most recent version of DirectX is another requirement for Age of Empires 4 and other high-end games to run correctly.

The nicest aspect is that you can only get updates for it through Windows Update. So check to see if a newer version is available, then download it.

5. Update graphics drivers

    1. Select Device Manager from the list of options by right-clicking on the Start button or pressing Windows + X to open the Quick Access menu.
    2. To view the devices underneath Display Adapters and expand it, find it and double-click on it.
    3. The updated driver can be found in the context menu when you right-click on the graphics device.
    4. Choose one of the two choices presented here, then click Automatically search for drivers. Windows will now look for and install the best driver on your PC.

It’s likely to result in a myriad of problems if you’re using an outdated graphics driver. These could include issues running Windows tasks or having trouble playing video games.

6. Disable/uninstall conflicting apps

    1. The Settings app will open when you press Windows + I.
    2. From the navigation pane on the left, select the Apps tabs.
    3. On the right, select Installed applications.
    4. Locate the application you wish to uninstall, click the ellipsis next to it, and then choose Uninstall from the menu that appears.
    5. On the prompt that displays, click Uninstall.

Age of Empires 4’s functionality and adjusting its visual settings have been known to be affected by a few programmes. These can be unofficial antivirus software or other corresponding applications.

If you can recall the time when the error first appeared and generate a list of the apps that were installed around that time, you can quickly pinpoint the problematic app.

Once you have a list prepared, remove each item one at a time to see if the issue is fixed, and you are able to adjust the graphics settings.

Reinstall the apps that were deleted before the one that caused the problem once you’ve identified and removed it.

These are the only methods you have to try if Age of Empires 4 is blocking you from altering the visual settings. After the issue has been fixed, you can select the preferred resolution and other options for the best possible gaming experience.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Age of Empires IV can be played without a graphics card.

The game supports rigs of various ages, so altering the course of history won’t require the finest graphics card or gaming CPU. In fact, the increased minimum system requirements might mean that you don’t even need to upgrade.

2. Can I use integrated graphics to play Age of Empires?

The game does an excellent job of automatically setting the preferences optimally for your hardware. It has a minimal spec renderer to help integrated GPUs and low-end computers sustain decent framerates.

3. What happens if a game is played without a graphics card?

Is It Possible To Play Games Without A Graphics Card? Verdict: Gaming without a graphics card is doable. Thanks to integrated graphics, which are part of your CPU, you may play less-demanding games without a graphics card.

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Why can t i change the graphic setting in aoe4? I don t think it s because my graphic card is too weak since i can run games like overwatch sc valorant and dk with at least medium graphics from ageofempires

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