How to Install the Latest Windows 11 Printer Driver

How to Install the Latest Windows 11 Printer Driver

Here we can see, “How to Install the Latest Windows 11 Printer Driver”

  • You require your printer’s most recent Windows 11 driver if you want to utilize all of its features.
  • The quickest and best way to use it is through Windows Update.
  • Ensure you get the right driver for your product when utilizing the manual process.

You could find that you have to reinstall your printer after upgrading to Windows 11. You will also need to do that if you recently purchased a new printer and switched to the new OS.

In either case, we will walk you through every step of installing the most recent Windows 11 printer driver on your computer.

Even though it’s a straightforward process, failing to install the proper driver could render your printer worthless, so make sure you follow our exact instructions to ensure success.

To set up your printer properly, ensure sure it is prepared to run and that you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Get ready for the installation procedure

Before you install the printer driver on your Windows 11 computer, there are a few things to complete. We’ll go over the key preparation tasks for your device.

➡ Make sure your printer has all the needed accessories

Ensure that your printer has all the necessary add-ons.

Typically, the ink cartridge is not attached to the printer. To properly implant it, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most ink-jet cartridges have click-on caps, so ensure they are in place before turning on the printer to use it.

Additionally, confirm that you have all the connectors required to connect the printer. You may need to purchase a USB or COM cable if your printer doesn’t come with one.

➡ Connect your printer

Install the data cable after first plugging in your printer to the outlet. Today’s printers typically have a USB connection.

Make sure the cable is securely attached at both ends. You must use a LAN cable to connect it to your router if you also want to use it as a network printer.

If you have a wireless printer, refer to the user guide that came with it and do the necessary steps to connect it to your PC.

➡ Check if the printer is on

Turn on the printer after all of the cables are in place. You won’t be able to install the printer or check the drivers if the printer is not running.

Wait until your printer has finished the warm-up process before moving on because most printers include a first-use setup phase.

How can I install the latest printer driver in Windows 11?

1. Use Windows Update to install drivers automatically

      1. Select Settings by clicking the Start button.
      2. Click the Check for Updates button on the right after choosing Windows Updates in the left pane.
      3. The system will download and install any fresh ones that are discovered. Then select Advanced settings.
      4. Decide to update options. The tab will already indicate if you have any such updates if you look closely.
      5. Although we don’t have any optional updates to install in our example, if you do, see whether any of them are updates for your printer and install those.

    The easiest way to discover the most recent drivers is to check Windows Update, but it’s less likely that you’ll find them there if you have an older printer.

    2. Remove the printer and get the latest driver

    2.1 Remove the printer

    This step is for you if you installed the printer, but it isn’t working because you need to remove it first.

      1. Select Settings by clicking the Start button.
      2. Then, choose Printers & scanners on the right after selecting Bluetooth & devices from the left pane.
      3. Now pick Remove by clicking on your printer.

    2.2 Get the latest driver from the manufacturer

    Visit the manufacturer’s support webpage for the printer. For example, we visited the HP printer support page to get the most recent drivers.

    We were sent to a page with the download link for the printer software after entering the product model and number.

    You will receive a self-installing file that you may use immediately.

    3. Install Windows 11 printer drivers manually

      1. Click Settings after choosing the Start button.

      2. Select the Printers & scanners menu from the Bluetooth & devices area on the left.

      3. Select Print server properties from the menu.

      4. Click on the Add button if you can’t find your printer driver in the list after selecting the Drivers tab at the top.

      5. Clicking Next on the Add Printer Driver Wizard will cause it to launch.

      6. Choose the processor type and click Next.

      7. Select the brand and model of your printer, then click Next. If you don’t see it, click the Windows Update button, and the list of printer manufacturers and models will appear shortly after.

      You can also choose the Have Disk option if you already have the drivers.

      8. When you’re through installing it, simply click the Finish button.

    You can manually install your new printer device using your PC’s built-in Bluetooth & devices menu. It enables you to look for and set up the most recent driver for the design of your printer.

    How to set your default printer in Windows 11?

    You will typically be prompted to make a new printer the default one when you install it. The fast steps listed below must be followed if you forget to complete that stage.

      1. Select the app from the search results by typing “control panel” into the Search box on the Taskbar.
      2. From the Hardware and Sound section, choose View devices and printers.
      3. Choose Set as the default printer in the menu after finding your installed printer.

    How can I install a wireless printer on Windows 11?

    We’ll show you how to install it on your PC since many tiny picture printers include a Bluetooth connection, so you can start printing from your laptop or mobile device.

      1. Select Settings by clicking the Start button.
      2. Printers & scanners are the options after selecting Bluetooth & devices on the left.
      3. The Add a device option.
      4. Click the Add manually button to continue.
      5. Check the Add a Bluetooth, wifi, or network discoverable printer box on the next window, then click Next.
      6. Make sure your printer is turned on for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi at this time. If your printer is a Wi-Fi device, also confirm that your PC is linked to the same local network. Click Next after choosing the printer from the list.
      7. Once the installation is finished, the system will be ready for usage.

    I’m done now! You now understand how to install the most recent drivers for your printer, set it up, and make it the default printing device in Windows 11.

    Practically nothing else is required in order to utilize your printer on a PC, and we hope the information we’ve provided will be helpful to you.


    I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

    User Questions

    1. How do I set up the newest printer drivers?

    Start, followed by Settings > Windows Update. In the top section of the page, click Check for updates. Select Optional updates under Advanced options when the check is finished. If available, choose driver updates.

    2. On Windows 11, how do I install the HP printer driver?

    Go to HP Software and Driver Downloads on the HP website, input your printer model, and then search for available drivers to download software from HP. Reminder: Use a USB cable to connect the printer to the computer if an HP driver is not readily available.

    3. Why can’t Windows 11 let me install a printer driver?

    Insufficient free space on the Windows 11 disc is the leading cause of this problem. To quickly address this problem, implement these solutions. 1. Try installing the printer driver once more after restarting your computer.

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