Age of Empires 2 Gets Custom DOOM Campaign Thanks To Mod

Age of Empires 2 Gets Custom DOOM Campaign Thanks To Mod

Age of Empires 2 has received a custom DOOM mod called Age of Doom that adds a fresh DOOM-themed strategy campaign to the sport by modders.

Id Software’s iconic first-person shooter DOOM is understood to be ready to run almost anything, and now it’s like Age of Empires 2 is often added to its list. Modders have created a custom mod that adds a fresh DOOM-themed full-time strategy campaign to Age of Empires 2, alongside the title’s lionized sounds, effects, and sprites. Both titles grew their popularity within the ’90s and have grown to prosper thanks to overwhelming support from their communities. DOOM received a sequel to its soft-reboot last year, and another Age of Empires title was revealed to release in October after almost 20 years.

The modding scene surrounding DOOM is considered one of the oldest and ever-expanding in gaming. Players began creating mods for the primary two games within the mid-’90s and are recognized for spawning the computer game modding phenomenon. Bethesda has even gone far enough to license mods for brand spanking new chapters of remastered titles like DOOM 64. On the opposite hand, Age of Empires gained popularity and success thanks to its historical themes and real-time AI strategy, which helped amass a community that began modding in the late 90s. As both DOOM and Age of Empires still thrive thanks to their 90’s popularity, it had been only a matter of your time before modders finally brought them together.

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Posted by HELLKNIGHT61 to YouTube and reported by PC Gamer, Age of Doom may be a full custom real-time strategy DOOM campaign for Age of Empires 2. It ports themes, sprites, sounds, and effects from the first DOOM game into Age of Empire 2’s Genie engine. The story of the mod foreshadows DOOM’s original story. Still, it is inspired and recreated within the sort of DOOM 3, where demons escape hell and ravage mars with the assistance of Dr. Betruger. The first DOOM arsenal also makes a return. Therefore the Doomguy can frolic maps and shoot demons in four different episodic maps that turn Age of Empires 2 into an isometric shooter. Though currently missing its fifth and final episode set in hell, the mod hit 1.0 in the week and features four separate chapters and a special tutorial with an open map for brand spanking new players.

Total conversion mods are highly popular and are used to refresh experiences that may ultimately end in a different genre from the first. Within the past 20 years, classic DOOM became Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, Spongebob, and many other popular things from popular culture media. Age of Empires has also received similar mods, but rather than inspiration from other titles, modders have made mods that add new periods of your time to its catalog of history-themed chapters.

Created by four people, Age of Doom is the next total conversion mod for fans of DOOM and Age of Empires who are looking to scratch a nostalgia itch. Though not the last total conversion mod to return out for either title, players who need a mixture of Age of Empire’s real-time strategy with DOOM’s brutal, action-packed gameplay can jump certain a fresh 90’s experience.

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