Pokemon Masters EX 2-year anniversary delivers 100 sync pairs for ALL players

Pokemon Masters EX 2-year anniversary delivers 100 sync pairs for ALL players

It would appear that the people at Game Freak, Creatures, Nintendo, and DeNA have temporarily lost all restraint and are making a gift of 100 sync pairs within the game for logging in. After two years of gameplay, Pokemon Masters EX clarifies that they appreciate the players delivering “up to” 100 sync pairs to every player starting now and lasting until September 29, 2021. The 100 max are often achieved by logging in a minimum of once per day for 10 days during a row.*

Starting now and lasting until Michaelmas, at 10:59 Pacific Time, players get bonuses for logging in to Pokemon Masters EX. Each log-in will deliver a 10-Pair Scout Ticket. In addition, each 10-Pair Scout Ticket are often exchanged for 10 sync pair scouts. This will be repeated once per day for a complete of 10 days.

Other log-in bonuses appear through September, too. There’ll be a one-time gift of three 000 gems – that’ll be available until the top of September. Another bonus appears between August 27 and September 13, with daily Gems – which will add up to three,100 by the top of the amount.

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A similar period of your time spans an occasion called “Daily Battle – Present Event.” This event started on August 27 and last until 9/11, 2021. During this event, players can participate in event battles “once per day to get 5-star Guaranteed Scout Tickets and up to five ,500 gems.”

*UPDATE: the times don’t get to be consecutive. You’ll skip each day if you like and are available back and obtain a ticket – no problem! Below you’ll see a special “Two-Year Anniversary trailer” from The Pokemon YouTube Channel. It’s a stunning presentation with a song that’ll warm your heart forever.

There’s a specially dedicated website for the 2nd anniversary of this game also, hosted by Pokemon Masters official. In addition, a group of three new Anniversary 2021 sync pairs is available in their respective Master Fair Scouts through September.

Lillie (Anniversary 2021) and Lunala, N (Anniversary 2021) and Reshiram, and Steven (Anniversary 2021), and Rayquaza are going to be available until Michaelmas, 2021. the beginning date for Lillie is August 27, the start for N is August 29, and begin for Steven is August 31 – so they’re all out there now!

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