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The Steps To Getting A YouTube Play Button

We have seen vloggers denying their YouTube play buttons round, revealing the world their most recent achievement. And if you’re reading this, you are likely wondering how you also can receive your YouTube play button.

The standards are directly forward. The primary condition is that you’ve attained a particular subscriber milestone.

The four drama buttons have been given in the following things:

  • Silver — after You’ve Got 100,000 readers
  • Gold — after You’ve Got 1,000,000 readers
  • Diamond — after You’ve Got 10,000,000 readers
  • Customized Made Play Button — after You’ve Got 50 million readers

All these, however, aren’t the sole criteria. YouTube also has said that along with fulfilling those contributor counts, founders must follow additional guidelines. They say that the awards will be given out at their discretion, and they will only recognize founders who follow their guidelines.

What Could Prevent You Getting Your YouTube Play Button?

YouTube’s drama buttons are no longer being automatically spread to founders upon reaching contributor landmarks. Instead, YouTube is reviewing every station before devoting the reward.

Creators who consequently do not fulfill the below standards, might not get their preferences.

  • YouTube accounts have to maintain “good standing.”
  • There should be no copyright attacks on the accounts.
  • The accounts shouldn’t have broken YouTube’s Community Modes.
  • YouTube accounts should accompany YouTube’s Conditions of Service.
  • Channels have to be generating original content.

Some founders are also reporting they are not getting their play due to the character of their material. Some unwanted, terror, and far-right commentators are allegedly not getting the plaques at YouTube’s discretion.

If more than three months have passed since you’ve attained a subscriber landmark and you haven’t got a notification from YouTube in your creator dashboard, YouTube proposes reaching out to their founder support staff.

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How To Get The Silver YouTube Play Button

Suppose you’re going to reach 100,000 readers — congratulations! You will shortly be qualified for the very first YouTube button.

To acquire your silver play button, you only have to wait around to get YouTube to reach via your creator dashboard. In about a week of accomplishing 100,000 readers, they’ll review your station and send you a notification.

Your notification will incorporate a code that you may use to redeem your play on the founder rewards salvation site. After saving the code, then you’ll have to settle back and unwind. While YouTube asserts the game will arrive in 3 months, many YouTubers swear it takes considerably longer.

When Will You Get The Silver Play Button?

YouTubers should get their silver drama within six months of attaining 100,000 subscribers. Upon achieving the contributor landmark, YouTube will offer a play redemption code to the founder via their founder dash. From that point, the founder must ditch the code and then await shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube’s Play Buttons

Want to understand more about YouTube’s drama with buttons? Let us check out a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning the benefits.

How Many YouTube Play Buttons Are There?

Officially there are just three: gold, silver, and diamond. However, Lately, YouTube has launched a more customized-made play for founders with more than 50 million readers. YouTube doesn’t record this habit of crimson play on their website, so far there’ve only been three stations that have attained this degree, and each has obtained a game that is special to their accounts.

What Are The YouTube Play Buttons In Order?

There isn’t any drama switches now being given by YouTube so that they are:

  • Silver: 100,000 Subscribers
  • Gold: 1,000,000 Subscribers
  • Diamond: 10,000,000 Subscribers
  • Custom/Ruby: 50,000,000 Subscribers
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Who Has A Ruby Play Button?

There are now three stations that have gotten a habit Ruby button. These are T-Series, PewDiePie, and 5-Minute Crafts. PewDiePie was the first YouTuber to reach 50 million readers, followed closely by T-Series and most lately 5-Minute Crafts.

What Comes After The Ruby Play Button?

There are now no drama buttons given following the Ruby button. The previous play is shown at 50 million readers, and now, only three stations have reached this landmark and obtained this button.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Get A Bronze Play Button?

There’s not any official YouTube gaming play button. Some founders have promised that they obtained a bronze play after attaining 100 readers. However, they left them. Even though you don’t have a bronze play at 100 readers, you really will become qualified to make a custom URL to your station, which is more useful for your station’s success.

Is The YouTube Play Button Real Diamond?

Regardless, the YouTube diamond drama is not a real diamond. YouTube’s diamond drama is created from a silver-plated metal using a crystal in the center shaped just like a button.

YouTube Has Stopped Giving Play Buttons To Certain Channels – YouTubers Angry

You’d read that right — YouTube has ceased giving the converted-out YouTube Play button for particular founders. YouTubers have been speaking about this for some time today, but YouTube has responded to the queries.

I don’t possess any copyright or neighborhood principle strikes, so my sub count is valid & so much as I know I have been in a good position… however YouTube still won’t ship me my 100k throat precisely what a joke??

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TriggeredTro is a YouTuber that has amassed more than 1 million readers. This is not a simple effort, and he’d wish to observe it by becoming his 1 million contributor play button. After he was refused his play, he was annoyed but too curious as to the reason why. After a very long wait, he eventually got his answer. He’s rapidly dispelled those promises by YouTube concerning why he is not getting one.


YouTube has not previously denied founders this — they’ve given the slightly unconventional Pewdiepie a decoration to observe 50 million readers.

YouTubers would typically receive a silver play at 100k, a golden game at 1 million readers, and a bead one in 10 million readers.

As revealed from the email from the tweet embedded over we can realize you could get refused a play for a couple of reasons. However, just one not cited in the mail is maintained by other YouTubers, although not yet supported by YouTube. That’s that your content does not fit in with YouTubes’Standards’. This may also explain the actual reason for TriggeredTro not becoming one.

It’ll be intriguing to see whether Logan Paul understands some of those decorations following his Suicide forest hardship. Read more about this.

YouTubes official recommendations say this:

“Creator Awards are awarded in YouTube’s sole discretion and we just recognize founders who’ve played with the rules. Each station is reviewed prior to an award is sent to help keep the playing field fair.”

Would this prevent you from attempting to create videos and develop your station to achieve these accomplishments? Let us know.