Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Smartphone Won’t Come With a Charger


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun affirms the Mi 11 smartphone will not include a charger in the box following the provider previously mocked Apple to precisely the identical thing.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will no longer comprise a charger in the box using its own new Mi 11 device.

Theverge reports that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun created the statement on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo. Jun framed the choice as an environmentally aware one. Then he encouraged clients to tune in to the forthcoming Mi 11 press conference the following week.

It is an intriguing choice, particularly as Xiaomi has mocked Apple for doing precisely the identical thing. The official Xiaomi Twitter account formerly tweeted that it”did not leave anything out of the box” through its Mi 10T Professional launching. The Mi 10 Guru 5G (pictured above) comprised a charger.

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Samsung also poked fun at Apple for ditching the brick before after lawsuit weeks afterward. Samsung allegedly deleted its advertisements, while Xiaomi’s messaging stays.

Apple cited environmental issues when removing the charger brick out of its iPhone 12 packaging. Xiaomi has done precisely the same here. It is uncertain precisely what prompted this about-face since the brand was around the opposite side of this fence before.

This choice might have positive consequences for the continuing e-waste issue. With countless mobile sales worldwide, the surplus plastic required for chargers that go rancid will accumulate. Additionally, it presents a possible problem for clients who might need to purchase chargers. Smartphone costs are ever-inflating. Being made to pay more for this type of requirement might well not go over well with users.

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The easiest solution for iPhone buyers was to elect a brand new wireless MagSafe charger together with an iPhone 12. Old charging figurines and brick wires functioned as well. Apple had not yet chosen to proceed to USB-C for charging nevertheless. Samsung clients have done the same.

Xiaomi has not made any official announcement beyond Jun’s Weibo article on the situation. The business might be waiting to announce a brand new wireless charger all of its own. All will probably be revealed throughout the forthcoming Mi 11 press conference on Monday.