Pixel Launcher’s ‘At a Glance’ Widget Shows Severe Weather Warnings

Pixel Launcher

Among the most significant characteristics of Pixel phones got better.

Among the most excellent features that just Pixel users get is that the Pixel Launcher. And among the most excellent features supplied by this launcher is that the “At a Glance” widget. It surfaces plenty of helpful info, and it’s only obtained a nifty small upgrade that will let it exhibit emergency weather alerts.

Pixel ‘At a Glance’ Weather Alerts

The newest feature, which was initially seen by 9To5Google, takes up two lines once a weather alert can be obtained, which makes it relatively straightforward and easy to place. If you reside in a location where actual weather events are typical, this can be a useful feature to have. Even if you don’t, it is still wonderful to be ready if something outside of the ordinary occurs.

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The two-line alert will obstruct the widget’s day/date segment, but the current weather will still match together with the sign. Again, that is just once an alert is offered. Everything appears normal for the remainder of the moment.

Another factor to notice is that warnings are persistent, so they will stick around until the danger passes.

Not a Fan of this Alert?

In case you realize that the new attribute is a bit too much, Google has given a fast and effortless method to disable it.

You Want to hold down the At a Glance space until a Preferences option seems. From that point, please tap on the tick box alongside Weather Alarms to disable them.

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