WoW and The Burning Crusade Classic have some big additions coming up

WoW and The Burning Crusade Classic have some big additions coming up

It’s been a month since we last heard from the planet of Warcraft team – permanently reason, considering the scandal Activision Blizzard finds itself embroiled in at the instant – but today, that silence was broken. the planet of Warcraft team delivered a replacement update today that details what’s arising both for retail WoW and, therefore, the Burning Crusade Classic. It seems that both games have some big updates inbound, including one feature that retail WoW fans are expecting.

In a statement published to Twitter today, the planet of Warcraft team announced Shadowlands update 9.15, which can be launching on the WoW Public Test Realm next week. The update “includes long-asked-for changes to form it easier to swap covenants and conduits, updates to form it so you don’t got to repeat covenant campaigns on alts, new character customization options for a few races that were lacking them, and lots of more changes to assist you play the want,” consistent with Blizzard’s statement.

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The WoW team says that the patch “also has updates to enhance the game environment for our community, including additional changes to some content to raised reflect our shared values, better visibility into the impact of your in-game reports of harassment, and more serious penalties for people engaged in disruptive behavior.”

On the side of The Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard says a patch will survive September 15th that adds the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: the attention raids, meaning Classic players will be ready to face down Prince Kael’thas and woman Vashj. However, those raids will be going to sleep in the Overlords of Outland update, which can also begin a replacement Arena season.

“We’re also performing on something for WoW Classic players who’ve told us they’d sort of a chance at a clean slate , and can be sharing more on our plans soon,” Blizzard added, teasing the announcement of something new. during a separate tweet, Blizzard shared a fall roadmap for both games, which you’ll see embedded above.

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