Fortnite’s second wild week brings popular items back from the vault

Fortnite’s second wild week brings popular items back from the vault

Epic has introduced the second Wild Week for Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. this point around, the corporate has brought multiple popular items back from the vault, all of them revolving around jumps, bounces, and getting across the island quickly. However, like other Wild Weeks, this next loadout will only be available for one week.

Epic calls its new Wild Week “High Flying,” which is sensible once you consider the things it brought back. Until next Thursday, Fortnite players have access to the Jump Pad, Bounce Pad, Rift-to-Go, and other items that send them into the air. These things fundamentally change gameplay, paving the way for old strategies that got players through past seasons.

The Wild Weeks event may be a time for Epic to keep things feeling a touch fresh as a season nears its end. But, of course, we’re only days far away from the top of the current alien-themed season, though we don’t yet know what to expect from the upcoming Chapter 2 – Season 8.

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In addition to returning those items, Epic says that its battle royale vendors (NPCs) will be offering Spawn Rift services, making it easier for players to escape an opponent or the storm quickly. The new Wild Week also comes with its Legendary Quest, helping players reach their XP and unlock Battle Pass items before the season ends.

Assuming nothing changes, the current Fortnite season will end a few weeks, and Season 8 will arrive on or immediately after September 12. Epic hasn’t yet said whether it plans to carry a live event to inaugurate the new season but supported this season’s theme; it seems reasonable to expect some big alien battle to wrap things up.

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