FIX: Windscribe not connecting

FIX: Windscribe not connecting

Here we can see, “FIX: Windscribe not connecting”

    • Windscribe is a fantastic premium VPN service that also provides consumers with a substantial free plan.
    • However, some users have reported that Windscribe occasionally fails to connect to their computers.
    • Most of the time, this problem may be resolved by simply switching to a new server or protocol.
    • This problem could potentially be caused by recent system updates or the installation of restrictive security software.

Windscribe is a fantastic VPN service that has a large user base because of its generous free version and quirky humor.

It isn’t all roses, though, as several consumers have reported a slew of technical troubles while using it.

To be more specific, one of the most frustrating aspects of Windscribe is when it fails to connect.

To make things explicit, you can run Windscribe and possibly log in to your account in this case, but it will not operate.

If you find yourself in the circumstances described above, keep reading.

We’ll help you through the steps of debugging Windscribe so that it can start working again.

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How can I fix Windscribe not working?

1. Try another server

When some of a VPN service’s servers have problems, it’s one of the most prevalent reasons it might not perform as planned.

VPN servers, for example, can get overburdened, and you may not be able to connect through them.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck: just disconnecting from the malfunctioning server and reconnecting to a different one should fix the problem.

2. Change protocols

Not all VPN protocols work in the same way for technological reasons.

Sure, they encrypt your traffic and perform essentially the same thing, but their methods are not identical.

That’s why, if Windscribe isn’t connecting, switching protocols is a good idea.

3. Reinstall Windscribe

That’s true; if something doesn’t seem to function, one of the first things you should do is to delete and reinstalling it.

It’s good to ensure that the associated TAP/TUN adapter driver is likewise uninstalled once you uninstall Windscribe.

Instead of utilizing the same installation kit you downloaded to your PC, and you should go to Windscribe and download the most recent installer version.

Instead of rushing through the entire process, take your time and make sure the installer is launched with Administrator privileges.

Simply right-click it and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

Last but not least, once the setup is complete, try running Windscribe with Administrator privileges.

4. Change/flush your DNS

Your ISP-assigned DNS may be slightly restricted, resulting in various connectivity difficulties.

Yes, it is possible that Windscribe will refuse to connect.

You should consider switching to a free option, such as Google’s public DNS, just to get it out of the way.

Here’s how to do that:

    1. Right-click your Start menu to bring up the context menu.
    2. Network Connections should be selected.
    3. Next, change adapter options by clicking the Change adapter options button.
    4. Right-click your default Internet connection and select Properties.
    5. Choose Properties
    6. TCP/IPv4 (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Version 4)
    7. Select Properties from the context menu.
    8. Toggle the switch. Use the DNS server addresses listed below.
    9. Type and in the Preferred and Alternate fields, accordingly.
    10. To confirm the changes you’ve made, click the OK button.

Flushing your DNS (clearing old DNS records) is no longer required; however it is strongly advised.

Cached data, such as DNS records, might get in the way and cause connectivity problems.

Here’s how to flush DNS on your Windows 10 PC:

    1. Open a CMD prompt with higher privileges (Administrator rights).
    2. Type the following commands, one after the other, followed by the Enter key:
      • ipconfig /flushdns
      • ipconfig /registerdns
      • ipconfig /release
      • ipconfig /renew
      • netsh winsock reset
    3. Restart your computer.

When your computer comes back to life, open Windscribe and attempt to connect to one of its servers.

Windscribe should connect and work without a hitch if the problem was caused by bad/outdated DNS information.

5. Check your firewall/antivirus

Security software on your computers, such as a firewall or antivirus, might cause problems with numerous services that rely on an Internet connection.

Because Windscribe requires an Internet connection to function, it’s easy to see how firewall/antivirus limits could cause problems.

As a result, check to see if your firewall has any rules that restrict or prohibit Windscribe in any way.

Whether it happens, simply delete them and see if the situation improves.

Remove any rules that may prohibit Windscribe from functioning properly on your PC as you did for your antivirus.

6. Contact customer support

Windscribe has some of the best (and most responsive) customer service on the market, so take advantage of it.

You can’t go wrong whether you submit a ticket or speak with one of the agents.

Remember that tech support personnel can’t read your mind, so you’ll need to provide as much information as possible.

Last but not least, maintain a calm and friendly demeanor. Things will work out for you in the end.

7. Use a different VPN

    1. Purchase a new VPN subscription.
    2. Install the VPN software on your computer.
    3. Install the VPN software.
    4. Log in to your account after starting the VPN.
    5. Choose a server and connect to it.

Private Internet Access is a fantastic VPN service with over 22,000 servers located all over the world.

This is highly useful, especially if you regularly transfer servers or require significant coverage.

It also has top-notch security and privacy capabilities to secure your online identity effectively.

Check out PIA’s key features:

    • Policy of no logging
    • There are almost 22,000 high-speed servers in the world.
    • Encryption of 256 bits
    • VPN kill switch built-in
    • The PIA MACE function blocks ads and malware domains.
    • All servers have private DNS.
    • All servers have peer-to-peer (P2P) capability.
    • Netflix and other geo-restricted services can be unblocked.

8. Other solutions

    • Restart your computer, router, and/or modem if necessary.
    • Reset your router’s settings to factory defaults.
    • Ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to look into it.
    • Make sure you haven’t used up all of Windscribe’s complimentary monthly data.
    • Windscribe restrictions should be checked on your router.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why isn’t Windscribe connecting to my computer?

The network you’re on might be preventing the Windscribe connection in the Android or iOS app. Switch to a different network, such as a separate WiFi router, or use cellular data. You can go back to the other network and connect if you can log in on the other one.

2. Is it possible to use Windscribe without an Internet connection?

You must have an active internet connection, such as mobile data, home internet, or public WiFi, to use Windscribe. Windscribe does not give internet access; instead, we encrypt and redirect your current internet connection over our private VPN servers.

3. Is it possible to use Windscribe without internet access?

What is the price of Windscribe? Windscribe is free to use if you are a light user. You get up to 10GB of data per month and access all of our tools. You can buy unlimited data for $9 per month if you need more data.

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