Windows Media Player Cannot Sync List

Windows Media Player Cannot Sync List

Here we can see, “Windows Media Player Cannot Sync List”

The likelihood is that you will use Windows Media Player to sync music with your phone or MP3 player if you still use it to play music from a local library. There is currently a problem with this traditional native media player. Some users claim that once linked to external devices; Windows Media Player cannot sync lists.

The suggestions below should help you address this problem quickly. I hope this can assist you. Just make sure your device is connected and that the audio files you’re trying to sync are supported before moving on to solutions.

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Why won’t my music list sync on Windows Media Player?

1. Run the Windows Media Player troubleshooter

    1. On the Start button, click.
    2. Open Control Panel by typing it into the search bar.
    3. Use the search bar in the Control Panel to look for Troubleshooting.
    4. Activate Troubleshooting.
    5. Then click View all.
    6. Click on Windows Media Player Settings troubleshooter after that.
    7. Check if the syncing issue still exists after following the on-screen directions.
    8. You can also use the Windows Media Player Library troubleshooter as an alternative.

2. Reinstall Windows Media Player

    1. Together, press the R button and the Windows key.
    2. In the Run box, enter appwiz.cpl, then select OK.
    3. Then locate the On/Off Windows Features option.
    4. Under Media Features, look for Windows Media Player. Uncheck the corresponding item.
    5. Select OK.
    6. Relaunch the computer.
    7. Recheck the box in the same area by navigating there.

3. Use an advanced media player alternative for Windows

Using a Windows Media Player substitute is the most effective and easiest method for syncing music with your phone or MP3 player. We advise selecting an adaptable, all-in-one tool with seamless connectivity to other devices.

4. Change Sync Settings

    1. Connect your gadget to the computer.
    2. Head over to the Player Library.
    3. Select Sync Section by clicking.
    4. Click Set up Sync under Sync Options.
    5. Observe the directions on the screen.

5. Perform Windows Media Player Sync

    1. On the device, you want to connect, turn it on.
    2. After that, connect the desired device to your computer.
    3. Navigate to Windows Media Player and click Open from there.
    4. To sync files when the device has been discovered, click Finish.
    5. Click Finish and then the Sync tab if you want to pick the files by hand.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I sync every piece of music I have in Windows Media Player?

On the Windows Media Player window, select the “Sync” tab. Select the songs you want to play, then drag them to the Sync List on the right side of the window. The Sync List now includes the tracks. To initiate synchronization, click “Start Sync.”

2. How does Windows Media Player resync?

To sync music files, launch Windows Media Player. In the pop-up box, change or input the name of your phone (if necessary). Drag the desired music files to the sync list after selecting them. Start synchronization.

3. How can I resolve the Windows Media Player issue?

When Windows Media Player ceases functioning correctly following the most recent Windows Update, you can use System Restore to confirm that the update is to blame. How to do it: Type “system restore” into the Start menu. Select System Restore in the System Properties box after choosing to Create a restore point.

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