How to Use Your Pc as a Dvr

How to Use Your Pc as a Dvr

Here we can see, “How to Use Your Pc as a Dvr”

  • Installing Windows Media Center and configuring a few things allows your PC to be used as a DVR.
  • We’ll walk you through every step in this article.

Younger generations, such as millennials, might not comprehend the inconvenience of having to wait till a specific time to watch your preferred television program or motion picture.

Time no longer matters in today’s world. It only takes a few clicks to view your favorite movies or television shows from anywhere at any time, thanks to changes in the landscape brought about by cable TV, YouTube, torrents, and online subscriptions for video-on-demand content.

There are many solutions if you don’t have a standalone digital video recorder (DVR), as buying or even renting one could get expensive over time. One is using your personal computer as a DVR.

It actually works, whether you’re using an old or new PC, despite how bizarre it might sound, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

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How can I use my PC as a DVR?

There are four things you need before delving further:

    • Windows Media Center can use a TV tuner to choose broadcast TV signals. If your computer lacks one, you can purchase an external or internal device that plugs into the motherboard (plugged into the USB port). It is not necessary to have a TV tuner card if you have a cable box.
    • A TV signal. Make that the local stations and TV signals may be received over the air (OTA) in your home’s location.
    • 500 GB or more of hard drive space is required because a single episode may use over 7 GB.
    • Appropriate software. Use the Windows operating system in this situation, with the exception of Windows RT, which does not come with Windows Media Center.

How to set the PC as a DVR?

    1. Connect your cable TV straight to the rear of your computer if you use one.
    2. Make use of the Media Center remote that was included with your PC.
    3. The remote’s green button in the middle should be pressed.
    4. Go to Tasks by scrolling down the Start screen.
    5. Click Settings, then choose TV.
    6. To enable Media Center to identify the programs and their channels, click Set up TV Signal. Once only (is this done.)
    7. Return to the Start menu.
    8. Top TV shows and movies.
    9. After selecting Recorded TV, click Add recording.
    10. To find your favorite programs in Media Center, use the Guide.
    11. On your remote, select Record after finding the program, you want to record.
    12. For further choices like Record Series, click More.

Depending on how much capacity you have on your computer, you can record as many shows as you want.

Any programs that are recorded are stored as.wtv files on your computer’s hard drive. You can access your saved programs by going to the Recorded TV screen.

You could use an app to stream all of your favorite content instead of this configuration, not just the video content. CyberLink PowerDVD is a perfect media player for watching movies, TV shows, music, and photos.

You may effortlessly download your favorite media file into the cloud with the Ultra plan’s 100GB of personal storage, then duplicate it and send it to your loved ones.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can I record using my PC?

Installing Windows Media Center and configuring a few things allows your PC to be used as a DVR. We’ll walk you through every step in this article. Use our suggestions in the Windows 10 Hub to learn more tips and tricks and make the most of your device.

2. What is a PC DVR?

The abbreviation DVR stands for a digital video recorder, sometimes known as a digital VCR or PVR (personal video recorder). Similar to the VCR, a DVR is a home electrical gadget that lets users record their preferred shows on a computer hard drive.

3. How do I record television programs?

DVR/TiVo. Look no further than a DVR if you want to record HD TV or multiple programs at various times throughout the day. Many DVRs, including TiVo, are made to record shows you choose from their pre-programmed television guide and save to an internal hard drive.

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