How to Connect a Vpn With Zonealarm Firewall

How to Connect a Vpn With Zonealarm Firewall

Here we can see, “How to Connect a Vpn With Zonealarm Firewall”

  • ZoneAlarm Security is a collection of advanced PC security products that you may already know. It does not, however, contain a VPN.
  • Fortunately, ZoneAlarm supports and works with third-party VPNs, albeit they can sometimes be tricky to set up.

ZoneAlarm Firewall is a powerful PC protection solution, as you may well know. It’s essentially a firewall, but one that allows you to customize its rules and permissions in great detail.

The built-in firewall in Windows is equivalent to ZoneAlarm Firewall; however the former provides more functionality. As a result, it attracts the attention of many consumers looking for more configuration flexibility.

However, it is more difficult to use because it has a larger number of adjustable rules. This is especially true if you use other security solutions, such as an antivirus or a VPN, in addition to ZoneAlarm Firewall.

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Doez ZoneAlarm have a VPN?

ZoneAlarm is more than simply a firewall; but has its most well-known feature. ZoneAlarm has a variety of security products to suit practically every purpose, but a VPN is unfortunately not one of them.

The firewall, an anti-ransomware application, and antivirus are now the only programs available in the security bundle.

It’s worth noting that each of them performs well on its own and even better when combined.

Will a VPN work with ZoneAlarm?

No firewall, including ZoneAlarm, should, in principle, prevent VPN traffic. Though, things are quite different. ZoneAlarm comes with the option to configure VPNs automatically by default.

ZoneAlarm won’t be able to identify your VPN automatically every time you try to connect if you’ve created a set of advanced firewall rules (even by accident) that block VPN protocols.

As a result, you’ll need to undo the changes and double-check that every VPN-related component isn’t on the blacklist and may access the Internet freely.

If you don’t expressly restrict VPNs, they usually work with ZoneAlarm to answer the original question.

How to configure a VPN with ZoneAlarm

1. Use automatic VPN configuration

ZoneAlarm, as previously stated, includes automatic VPN detection features. As a result, you can install the VPN client as usual on your PC without worrying about the firewall.

ZoneAlarm may send you an alert the next time you establish a VPN connection. However, you must recognize that these alerts are usually normal anytime a new connection is detected.

We’ll leave the arithmetic to you because connecting to a VPN server is considered a fresh connection.

2. Perform manual configuration for your VPN

In some circumstances, ZoneAlarm does not automatically detect your VPN connection. As a result, you’ll need to manually configure your VPN so that the firewall doesn’t block it right away.

Don’t worry; ZoneAlarm has a habit of alerting you when it required manual intervention. Manual configuration usually takes only four steps:

    • Adding VPN resources to the Trusted Zone, such as the gateway, DNS servers, and local subnets
    • VPN gateways being removed from prohibited subnets or ranges
    • Allow VPN protocols in ZoneAlarm’s settings.
    • Allow VPN software on your computer to run (under ZoneAlarm firewall)

3. Make sure your VPN protocols are supported

Navigate to the Advanced Firewall section of ZoneAlarm. Select Advanced Settings after clicking the Settings icon.

To make ZoneAlarm accept common VPN protocols, select the Allow VPN protocols box after you’ve arrived. ZoneAlarm now supports only a few protocols. Namely:

    • AH
    • ESP
    • GRE
    • IKE
    • IPsec
    • L2TP
    • LDAP
    • PPTP
    • SKIP

You may need to undertake additional configuration if your VPN uses a protocol other than those listed above.

Return to the previous menu and check the box next to Allow unusual protocols at high security.

4. How to allow VPN software in ZoneAlarm

    1. Select Application Control from the drop-down menu.
    2. Choose View programs.
    3. In the programs area, select your VPN client.
    4. In the Inbound and Outbound sections, click the? Icons.
    5. From the options, choose Allow.

First and foremost, make sure your applications are on the list; otherwise, you won’t be able to change any inbound or outbound traffic settings. If your VPN isn’t on the list, you can manually add it using the Add button.

5. Grant permission to VPN components

    1. Control the application
    2. Choose View Components.
    3. From the column, select the VPN components you want to enable.
    4. In the Outbound and Inbound columns, click the? Icons.
    5. In the context menu, choose Allow.

Note that the free version of the firewall may not have VPN-related settings.

ZoneAlarm free version works just fine

You won’t have any problems using a VPN on your computer if you’re using ZoneAlarm Security’s free edition. Although the free edition lacks VPN setting options, it nevertheless sends you notifications.

You’ll note that ZoneAlarm will ask you to accept or deny the VPN client, service, and daemon several times. Everything should be fine if you use the notifications to allow your VPN client.

Yes, VPN can work with ZoneAlarm

All things considered, you can relax if you’re concerned about compatibility concerns between your VPN service and ZoneAlarm.

Most of the VPN configuration options in ZoneAlarm Security are set to run automatically.

Creating rules to enable VPN traffic and whitelisting the VPN software on your computer is simple, even if you’ve messed with the firewall’s settings.

ZoneAlarm also supports a variety of VPN protocols, including PPTP, IPsec, L2TP, and OpenVPN, and several that are less widespread.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. ZoneAlarm is an excellent firewall, right?

Our ZoneAlarm firewall review discovered that it is very good at preventing unauthorized access. This is mostly due to Check Point’s proprietary OSFirewall firewall technology. ZoneAlarm’s firewall uses this technology to keep hackers and identity thieves out of your network.

2. Is it safe to use ZoneAlarm?

Is ZoneAlarm a Malware? ZoneAlarm Antivirus does not contain any viruses. It’s a secure program that keeps your devices safe from malware, keyloggers, and other harmful software.

3. How can I set up ZoneAlarm as a firewall?

    1. In the ZoneAlarm software client’s ANTIVIRUS & FIREWALL panel, click.
    2. In the Advanced Firewall section, click Settings.
    3. Select Advanced Options.
    4. Select or remove the following settings parameters in the Network Settings tab as needed:
    5. Click OK.
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