How to Quickly Enable Your Touch Keyboard on Windows 11

How to Quickly Enable Your Touch Keyboard on Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Quickly Enable Your Touch Keyboard on Windows 11”

  • It doesn’t have to be tough to use the touch keyboard in Windows 11, and there is a Taskbar shortcut for that.
  • After making a minor adjustment to the Settings app, feel free to utilize this feature.
  • The keyboard’s layout, size, and themes can all be changed to your preferences.

If you wish to use your touchscreen PC as a tablet, having a touch keyboard can be handy if it runs Windows 11.

However, rest assured that even if your device doesn’t support touch screens, this feature can still be helpful to you. Let’s imagine your keyboard is broken or the batteries are simply dead.

The virtual keyboard is the sole way to input text, and starting it can occasionally be challenging, especially if you don’t use it frequently.

Did you know that you can instantly enable a Taskbar icon to display the on-screen keyboard? We’ll soon demonstrate how to click to bring up this helpful tool quickly.

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How does virtual keyboard work on Windows?

Since many years ago, Windows has had a virtual keyboard, which was previously used as an accessibility function.

However, the virtual keyboard has evolved into a crucial part of text input with the emergence of touchscreen devices like tablets and laptops.

Does virtual keyboard work on non-touchscreen devices?

Yes, a virtual keyboard performs flawlessly on gadgets without touchscreen capabilities. However, using a mouse is the only way to enter text.

Although it can be a little challenging to use this function on a device that doesn’t enable touch input, it can still be used as an accessibility tool.

How do I enable the touchscreen keyboard on Windows 11?

Change the Taskbar settings

    1. The Taskbar Settings can be accessed by right-clicking the Taskbar.
    2. To expand the menu, select the Taskbar Corner Icons option.
    3. Turn on the Touch keyboard setting.
    4. Click the new Touch keyboard icon in the Taskbar to launch the virtual keyboard.

How can I customize the virtual keyboard?

1. Change the keyboard size and theme

    1. Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I.
    2. Select Touch keyboard under Personalization by navigating there.
    3. From this point, you can change the keyboard’s theme and size.
    4. You can alter the keys’ size and enable a background for them.

2. Change the layout

    1. By clicking the Taskbar icon for the virtual keyboard, it will launch.
    2. In the top right corner, click the gear symbol.
    3. Select the desired layout by expanding the Keyboard layout section.

How can I create custom virtual keyboard themes?

    1. Hit Windows key plus I. The Settings app will open as a result.
    2. Go to Personalization. Choose Touch keyboard next.
    3. Click Edit after expanding the Keyboard theme area.
    4. From there, you may add other backgrounds or alter the colour of the window, the text, and the keys.

What’s the difference between an on-screen keyboard and a touch keyboard?

The first virtual keyboard on Windows was the on-screen keyboard, which is primarily used as an accessibility tool.

This version is helpful for persons with impairments because it enables text input by scanning over keys or lingering over the relevant key.

The touch keyboard, however, lacks all these features because it is made specifically for touchscreen gadgets.

So, if you are in a bind and need to get to Windows 11’s touch keyboard quickly, just glance at your Taskbar.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What key combination opens the touch keyboard quickly?

The shortcut [Windows] + [Ctrl] + [O] in Windows 10 is the quickest way to open the on-screen keyboard. If a physical keyboard is accessible or in good condition, the on-screen keyboard can be turned on immediately.

2. Why does Windows 11’s touch keyboard not function?

Navigate to Tablet Settings. Change Additional Tablet Settings by selecting the Tablet option after clicking on System. Select “Show the touch keyboard when there is no keyboard attached” and turn on the toggle.

3. How can I make my laptop’s touchscreen keyboard functional?

Turn on the On-Screen Keyboard toggle by clicking Start, Settings, Accessibility, and Keyboard. The screen will display a keyboard that can be used to navigate and type text.

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