How to: Fix Outlook Client is Disconnected in Windows 10

How to: Fix Outlook Client is Disconnected in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Outlook Client is Disconnected in Windows 10”

  • An interfering app may be to blame for the disconnect of the Outlook client.
  • Outlook occasionally displays a disconnected message on older email client versions as well.
  • For example, stopping the Skype program could assist in removing the message.
  • Similarly, the Office app can also be fixed as a remedy.

If the Internet is down, the Outlook client gives you the option to work offline. However, after logging in, a few of customers have reported receiving an Outlook account client disconnected notice.

According to reports from users in the Microsoft community forums, this issue can affect Outlook clients running both older and more recent versions.

Although I can access current emails using Microsoft 365, I have a desktop version that is specific to my computer. Recently when I sign in on my computer, a disconnected message comes up in the bottom right corner of my screen.

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions to assist you in resolving the Outlook client disconnected error on Windows if similar problems also plague you.

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How do I get my Outlook back online?

1. Close Skype for Business

    1. To reveal hidden apps, click the arrow symbol in the taskbar.
    2. Exit can be chosen by right-clicking on Skype for Business.
    3. Restart Outlook. On the Send/Review tab, click.
    4. Tap Work Offline.
    5. Check the situation now. Close Skype if the status reads “Working Offline.”
    6. If the status is anything other than working offline, keep clicking the Work Offline option until it is.
    7. Restart Outlook.
    8. Find a sign-in window that is distinct from the Outlook window. (If not visible, minimize any other running programs and hit F9 to start it.)
    9. In the window, type your username and password.
    10. Click the Work Offline button to switch the status to Work Online in the Outlook client.
    11. The disconnect issue with the Outlook client should be fixed at this point.
    12. Before accessing Skype for Business once more, make sure to restart the computer once.

2. Repair Office 365

    1. To launch Run, press Windows Key + R.
    2. To launch the Control Panel, enter control and press OK.
    3. Navigate to Programs and Features after selecting Programs.
    4. Click Change after selecting the Microsoft Office version.
    5. There are two alternatives in the repair window.
      • Quick Repair — This option functions independently of the Internet. Pick it, then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.
      • Online Repair – If the Quick Repair did not resolve Outlook client disconnected error, try this option. Select the option and follow the on-screen instructions.
    6. Close the troubleshooter after the fix is finished, then relaunch Outlook. Look for any advancements.

3. Remove and re-add Microsoft Account

    1. Start the Outlook application.
    2. The Info tab can be accessed by clicking File.
    3. Select Account Settings by clicking on Account Settings.
    4. Click Remove after selecting your account. To confirm the action, click Yes.
    5. Restart Outlook.
    6. Select File, then select Add Account.
    7. Enter the login information and look for any changes.

4. Create a new Outlook Profile

    1. Start the Outlook application.
    2. Account Settings can be found by clicking on File.
    3. The Manage Profiles option.
    4. Add by selecting Show Profile > Add.
    5. Click OK after entering a name for the profile.
    6. Your email address should be added to the new profile. You can no longer encounter the disconnected issue when using your Outlook account.

You should be able to resolve the Outlook client disconnected error in Windows by using the instructions in this article.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I fix the disconnected Outlook app?

If Outlook is still disconnected when you launch it using the new profile, consider deleting and re-adding your account. Right-click your account name in the Folder pane and then select Remove from the menu that appears. To continue, repeat the steps for adding the version.

2. Why can’t I connect to Microsoft Outlook?

If you want to see if your computer is connected to the Internet, open any other program, such as your browser. If it doesn’t, check the network adapter, restart your computer and router, and then see if your Internet connection is fixed. Please take note of this. A reliable Internet connection is needed for Outlook to function.

3. How can I check the status of my connection in Outlook for Windows 10?

You must right-click on the Outlook systray icon while pressing the CTRL key in order to see the Connection Status option. The option for “Connection Status…” should now be visible. To check your status, click on it.

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