How to Change Mouse Settings in Windows 11

How to Change Mouse Settings in Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Change Mouse Settings in Windows 11”

  • This post will teach you the best ways to modify your Windows 11 Mouse Settings following your regular work.
  • You can alter the Mouse Sensitivity for a more individualized setting.
  • Another excellent method to create a specific workplace is with Advanced Pointer Options.
  • The behavior of the mouse buttons in Windows 11 is also easily configurable.

However, it has some default options that occasionally don’t meet people’s needs. Therefore, Microsoft fans are unsure of the best ways to alter the mouse settings in Windows 11.

This post will outline the best techniques to improve the way your gadget communicates with your PC.

Additionally, they are really simple to operate, so you need not worry about being unprepared.

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What are some Windows 11 Mouse Settings that I can take advantage of?

1. The pointer speed

This one refers to a feature of Windows that scales cursor movement on a screen to individual mouse movement counts. The degree of the pointer speed, also known as Mouse Sensitivity, can be altered as necessary.

You may always modify the mouse sensitivity to suit your demands because every version of Windows OS provides a variety of levels.

2. Scrolling design

The mouse scroll wheel, one of the most used elements, powers the scrolling design. For horizontal scrolling, you can move from side to side.

Each device should include this button in addition to the standard left and right buttons so that you may change its settings as necessary.

3. Visibility

Your mouse’s visibility is determined by how it appears on your screen. You now have a few intriguing and simple to-change choices thanks to Windows 11.

You can decide whether or not you want to reveal the pointer’s location while pressing the CTRL key, how long or short your pointer trails should be displayed, and whether you want to hide the pointer while typing.

How can I easily change Mouse Settings in Windows 11?

1. Adjust Mouse Sensitivity through the Settings Menu

    1. Press Windows + I at the same time.
    2. Navigate to Bluetooth & devices, then Mouse.
    3. Examine the Mouse Pointer Speed option, then move the slider to suit your requirements.

2. Customize Scrolling Options

    1. Press Windows + I at the same time to bring up the Settings menu once more.
    2. Go to the Bluetooth & Devices area and then click Mouse.
    3. You can opt to modify the Scrolling settings from this page.
    4. Think about the following possibilities in these terms: You can scroll using the mouse wheel (many lines at once or one screen at a time), the Lines to scroll at a time slider, and the ability to enable or deactivate the scrolling of inactive windows when you hover over them.

3. Adjust Pointer Options through Control Panel

    1. Type Control Panel into the Windows search box to launch it.
    2. Go to the section for Hardware and Sound.
    3. Click on Mouse after looking at the Devices and Printers section.
    4. The Pointer Options tab can be selected.
    5. You can change the characteristics in this area, including Motion and Visibility.
    6. After selecting OK, click on the Apply button.

4. Personalize Mouse Buttons with Control Panel

    1. The first three steps should be followed as in the prior solution.
    2. Instead of choosing the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties box, select the Buttons one.
    3. Three additional choices can be found here: Button configuration (which lets you switch between the primary and secondary buttons), Double-click speed, and ClickLock.
    4. After making the changes, select Apply and then select Ok.

5. Use a third-party software

While most goods come with software that supports their mice by default, others are more generic or may be produced by a company that doesn’t have its own software.

You’ll need another method if you own a device like this to adjust and personalise your Windows 11 mouse settings. Why is that, then? Because there aren’t any built-in options to do so on Windows.

You may quickly alter these parameters with the help of a variety of readily available tools. You’ll have to wait a little longer to receive one of these, as manufacturers are currently putting the newest versions together.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. In Windows 11, how do I customize my mouse?

Fortunately, Windows 11 has a feature that allows you to do this. Navigate to the Pointers sub-menu by accessing the Mouse properties menu as previously demonstrated. Click Browse after selecting the desired cursor in the Customize menu.

2. Can mouse settings be changed?

Explanation: The Device and printer option in the control panel can be used to alter mouse settings. You can customize the mouse pointer to change its colour, shape, size, and speed.

3. Why am I unable to alter my mouse cursor?

You can also be unable to adjust your mouse’s settings if your mouse drivers are damaged, out-of-date, or missing. Update the mouse drivers to resolve this issue. If the drivers are corrupted, an alternative is to reinstall them. Device Manager should be opened.

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