5 Ways to Fix Power Settings Are Missing in Windows 11

5 Ways to Fix Power Settings Are Missing in Windows 11

Here we can see, “5 Ways to Fix Power Settings Are Missing in Windows 11”

  • Users complain that Windows 11’s power options are absent from both the taskbar and Settings. Still, we’ll demonstrate how to quickly resolve this problem.
  • Checking for generic Windows updates should be done first.
  • Additionally, check sure the Balanced Performance Plan is applied to your OS.
  • It’s also a possibility to update the battery drivers if Windows 11 lacks power settings.

Users are growing more enthusiastic about the newest OS because it includes some fantastic new features. Sadly, some people asserted that Windows 11 does not offer any power alternatives. Although it appears to be a bothersome mistake, we are here to provide the best ways to resolve it right away.

According to user reports, the power slider occasionally disappears from the desktop taskbar and the Settings.

Now, let’s go through everything you need to know.

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Why there are currently no power options available?

The following are some crucial explanations for why Windows 11 power settings are absent, and you should take each one into account:

  • Glitched Power Options menu – This one of the most popular causes why this issue occurs. System file corruption has nothing to do with it. In this instance, a Windows Update is probably to blame for the issue.
  • System corruption – This issue can be brought on by several things, including sporadic and transient software problems.
  • Poor OS or drivers updates – You must maintain your operating system and drivers updated. Even basic features like power settings might be harmed by update incompatibilities.

How do I fix missing power plans in Windows 11?

1. Check for OS updates

    1. After pressing the Windows key, select Settings.
    2. Access Windows Update
    3. Check for updates, select.

You should check for Windows updates if your OS is missing a fundamental functionality. It will automatically search for and begin downloading and installing any options that are accessible.

You should restart your computer after this process is finished to ensure that your operating system goes through the proper steps.

2. Switch to the Balanced Performance Plan

    1. Type Control Panel into the Windows key, then click on it.
    2. Toggle between Hardware and Sound.
    3. Select Choose a power plan after looking at the Power Options section.
    4. Ensure that the Balanced checkbox is selected. Otherwise, do it.
    5. Restart your computer for a complete reset.

Try the following workaround if Windows 11 still lacks power options.

3. Run the Power troubleshooter

    1. Open Windows Settings
    2. Select System, followed by Troubleshoot.
    3. Go to Other troubleshooters from here.
    4. Click the Run button after swiping down to the Power column.
    5. You’ll be informed if any problems are found, and Windows will take care of them independently.

Running the Power troubleshooter might be helpful because the problem we’ve described is closely tied to how much power is being used. By selecting this option, your OS automatically checks for issues, identifies them, and then resolves them.

4. Update the battery driver

    1. Open the device manager by pressing the Windows key and typing it.
    2. Right-click on the required driver by expanding the Batteries section and choosing Update driver
    3. Select the option to automatically search for drivers in the newly created window.
    4. Windows will automatically look for and install any accessible alternatives on your device.

Your OS Device Manager will immediately install the battery driver, allowing you to restore Windows 11’s missing battery symbol.

5. Reset your operating system

    1. Launch the Settings menu in Windows 11.
    2. After selecting System, select Recovery.
    3. On the Reset PC button, click.
    4. To avoid losing any crucial information, select Keep my files in the following box. But keep in mind that choosing this option may erase settings and programs.
    5. Pick a method for reinstalling Windows. Although we advise local reinstallation, you can choose cloud download if you’re concerned about corrupted system files.
    6. Select Next.
    7. Select any further settings that are required, then click Confirm.
    8. On the Reset button, click.
    9. Wait a little while for the reset to be ready.
    10. Your computer will restart, and you should wait a few minutes for it to finish.

We advise resetting your operating system if none of the abovementioned fixes were successful. Remember that choosing this option will update and resolve any faulty Windows version by installing a fresh copy.

How do I get to Power Options in Advanced Settings?

    1. On the Taskbar, right-click the battery icon.
    2. Choose your power and sleep preferences.
    3. Now, the Settings app ought to offer a few advanced power settings.

Can I hide Windows 11 power settings?

According to what we know, there are currently no choices that would enable you to conceal Windows 11 power settings. These features are part of your new OS by default because they are design-related.

However, several File Explorer and folder features allow you to customize your digital environment.

We made care to do our study across the most well-liked forums and only included the best fixes for the Windows 11 power settings missing issue.

Last but not least, users of lockdown browsers frequently get the error message. There are presently no power alternatives available; therefore, you might consider removing the browser.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does Windows 11 not offer power options?

An incorrectly designed power plan may be the root of the “There is no power options currently available” problem. Restore your computer’s power plans to their default settings if you or someone else made changes and see if it resolves your issue.

2. How can I expand my Windows 11 power options?

Select the power setting for your Windows 11 computer that best suits your needs and your intended use. You can then decide whether getting the most battery life, the highest performance, or a balance of the two, is most important to you. Select Start > Settings > System > Power & battery to alter the power mode.

3. Why aren’t there any available power options?

The message “There are currently no power alternatives available” could occasionally show if your computer is running Windows 10. This is frequently an instance of a power option bug linked to a troublesome update or a similar bug.

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