Windows 10 screensaver settings not saving

Windows 10 screensaver settings not saving

Here we can see “Windows 10 screensaver settings not saving”

How to Fix Windows 10 screensaver settings not saving

Try these steps, so as of most to least intensive, to urge your Screensaver to work again.

  1. Check the screensaver settings. While a Windows update can resolve problems, it sometimes changes customized settings. If your Screensaver isn’t working because it should be, confirm it’s enabled. Find the screensaver settings under Settings > Personalization > Lock screen > design settings. If you do not currently have a screensaver selected, choose the one you wish and set the quantity of your time before it activates.
  2. Check the facility settings. In a way, a screensaver may be a power management tool. Changes to the facility saving options can affect the operation of the Screensaver. If nothing else worked, reset these power savings to default. Access Settings > Power & sleep > Additional power settings. Choose either Balanced or High performance. Click Change plan settings to commit the changes. On the subsequent screen, select Change advanced power setting at rock bottom of the pop-up window, select Restore plan defaults.
  3. Check the sleep settings. Verify the close of the display time. If the settings tell the display to shut off faster than the Screensaver is about to activate, you’ll never see it. Adjust the sleep settings on the pc. Therefore the Screensaver comes on after five minutes of inactivity, and therefore the display turns off entirely after ten minutes.
  4. Apply pending Windows updates. Microsoft releases regular updates that correct minor glitches and errors within the OS. If you encounter a drag with the regular operation of your computer, confirm Windows 10 is up so far. You’ll find that information within the Windows Update service on the pc. Change the Windows update setting so that Windows updates automatically.
  5. Clean the mouse or touchpad. In much an equivalent way that auxiliary devices send false inputs that keep the screen active, an unclean mouse or touchpad also can send false inputs. Small drops of water are particularly responsible. Use a soft cloth to wash the sensor on the rock bottom of the mouse or the touchpad where your hand rests. Disconnect the mouse or close up the pc before cleaning to not click something by mistake.
  6. Cleaning a wired mouse is different from cleaning a wireless mouse. the foremost important thing to recollect is to disconnect the mouse from the pc before taking the mouse apart.
  7. Disconnect peripheral devices. Many of us use extra accessories with our computers, like an Xbox controller. These peripheral devices sometimes send signals that make the machine think it’s in use, albeit the Screensaver should move. Unplug unnecessary devices from the PC. Remove each device one at a time until you discover the potential cause.
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User Questions:

1. Screensaver Changes Won’t Save

I have a folder assigned for screensaver photos. In fixing my Screensaver, I browse and choose that folder. It’s worked perfectly for two years. When the screensaver kicks in, it scrolls through every photo I even have saved on my computer. I go in, reset my screensaver photo folder, [Apply], but it won’t save my changes. How do I buy my Screensaver to save lots of my screensaver settings???

2. Screensaver Time not getting saved.

Windows 8, fresh computer; I can not get my Screensaver to save lots of my preferred settings. On desktop, open personalize, click on Screensaver and alter the Wait time from 9 to hour, click on Apply, then click on Ok……. I then re-open personalize and screensaver window, and therefore the time somehow is reset to 9 minutes!!! The time amount I’m putting into the box isn’t holding. I’ve tried it multiple times and in multiple design settings (i.e. 3D Text, Bubbles, Photos, etc….) Any ideas on what is going on??

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3. Settings won’t save

Nothing happens once I set the screensaver and sleep settings. Just upgraded to Windows 10, and it wasn’t a problem with Windows 8.

4. Screensaver Not Saving Settings in Windows 10

After upgrading from 8.1 to Windows 10, I find that the Screensaver isn’t saving settings.

I like 3D Text showing – Time – after 10 minutes of inactivity. When this is often applied, it works ok, but after a reboot, the settings are lost, and it then shows 3D Text showing – Time – after 1 minute, but it doesn’t trigger anyway, and therefore the desktop is continuously displayed.

It worked with Win 8.1 and seven, so I expect it’s to try to upgrade to 10.

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