FIX: Surfshark not working with Netflix

FIX: Surfshark not working with Netflix

Here we can see, “FIX: Surfshark not working with Netflix”

  • Even though Surfshark is a famous VPN service, some users have complained that it does not always function with Netflix.
  • Changing the server, you’re connected to is usually the easiest way to remedy this problem.
  • If the problem persists, we can show you how to resolve the Surfshark Netflix error.
  • Surfshark has a useful Smart DNS tool that can quickly unblock Netflix.

It could be a great disappointment to learn that Surfshark is no longer collaborating with Netflix.

Because evading geo-restrictions is one of the most common reasons why people use VPNs in the first place.

With Netflix being one of the most popular geo-restricted services, it’s simple to understand why the problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

On the plus side, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide for quickly resolving this issue.

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How can I fix Surfshark not working with Netflix?

1. Switch to another server

Switching to a different server appears to be the most prevalent method for resolving VPN connectivity issues.

Server overload may be the reason this works.

Imagine you’re watching a movie through Netflix while using a VPN, and you get an error message.

If Netflix detects a large number of requests coming from a single IP address, it may opt to shut down the service.

This, paired with Netflix’s ongoing attempts to restrict VPN users, makes perfect sense.

It’s easy to see how switching to a new server will restore Surfshark’s Netflix compatibility.

2. Re-log into your Netflix account without VPN

    1. Log out of your Netflix account if you haven’t already.
    2. Remove yourself from the Surfshark server.
    3. Restart your browser or force a hard refresh of the Netflix website (press CTRL + F5).
    4. Re-enter your Netflix password.
    5. Force the Surfshark VPN client to quit (OPTIONAL)
    6. Surfshark should be relaunched (OPTIONAL)
    7. Connect to a suitable server (US server for US Netflix, for instance)
    8. Check to see if Surfshark still doesn’t function with Netflix.

Netflix appears to be having trouble processing login requests from VPN customers.

Disconnecting from your VPN, logging into your Netflix account, and then rejoining to Surfshark appears to be sufficient.

3. Clear your web browser’s cache

Several websites, like Netflix, save information about your previous interactions.

Conflicting cached data can cause various connectivity issues, so deleting this data should get you access to Netflix in no time.

Depending on which web browser you’re using, you’ll have to clear your cache differently. We’ll just show you how Chrome does it.

    1. Click the More button in Chrome (it looks like three dots stacked vertically)
    2. Go to the Settings menu.
    3. Scroll down to the section on privacy and security.
    4. To clear your browsing data, click the Clear Browsing Data option.
    5. Make sure that Cookies, as well as Cached images and files, are selected.
    6. To clear data, press the Clear data button.
    7. Restart your internet browser.
    8. Go to Netflix and start watching (while connected to Surfshark)
    9. Check to see whether the problem still exists.

4. Flush your DNS

Flushing your DNS is the process of removing connection cached data from your system.

As previously stated, cached data build-ups can mislead computers and cause connectivity troubles.

As a result, it’s easy to see how removing this jumble of obsolete information could solve your Surfshark not functioning with Netflix’s problem.

On a Windows 10 PC, follow these steps to flush your DNS:

  1. Start a CMD instance with enhanced privileges (with Administrator privileges)
  2. Fill in the blanks with the commands below, pressing Enter after each one:
      • ipconfig /flushdns
      • ipconfig /registerdns
      • ipconfig /release
      • ipconfig /renew
      • netsh winsock reset
  3. Restart your computer.

Connect to Surfshark and go to Netflix once your PC has completed its boot routine.

As a side note, we recommend using this strategy in conjunction with the one listed above.

If you’re getting the Surfshark Netflix issue because of cached data, deleting it entirely from your PC might help.

Last but not least, if you’re running Windows 10, you should delete and reinstall the Netflix program to erase cached data.

5. Activate Smart DNS (consoles, Smart TVs)

    1. Disconnect from the Surfshark VPN service.
    2. Surfshark’s Smart DNS page can be found here.
    3. To begin, use the Get Started button.
    4. Check to see if Surfshark accurately identified your device’s IP address.
    5. Activate Smart DNS by clicking the Activate Smart DNS button.
    6. Save the DNS addresses you’ve generated somewhere secure.
    7. Use the Surfshark DNS addresses on your Smart TV or console.

Competent DNS is a fantastic Surfshark tool for unblocking geo-restricted material on devices that don’t have native VPN support.

According to Surfshark, there’s no need to enable Smart DNS on your computer or other VPN-enabled devices.

There’s no one there to stop you if you want to give it a shot.

6. Change the protocol

    1. Open the VPN client for Surfshark.
    2. Remove yourself from the VPN server’s network (if necessary)
    3. Navigate to the Settings tab.
    4. Select the Advanced option from the drop-down menu.
    5. Switch to OpenVPN as the protocol (UDP)
    6. Connect to a VPN server that is suited for you.
    7. Check to see if Netflix is available.

But, again, we’ll attempt to keep things simple and not overwhelm you with technological details.

In other words, OpenVPN employs both TCP and UDP, with UDP being superior for streaming video.

Using TCP may cause a choke in your connection, causing Surfshark to cease working with Netflix; however, this is quickly resolved by switching to UDP.

7. Use another VPN

    1. Purchase a new VPN subscription (we recommend Private Internet Access)
    2. Install the software on your computer.
    3. Download and install the updated VPN client
    4. Start the VPN.
    5. Please sign in to your account.
    6. Choose a server and connect to it (remember, US servers for US Netflix)

Private Internet Access is a fantastic VPN service that may let you access geoblocked content from all over the world.

It has an extensive network of over 22,000 high-speed servers that you may instantly switch between if you have a connectivity problem.

Check out PIA’s main features:

    • Over 22,000 fast servers across the globe with a strict zero-logging policy
    • Military-grade encryption of 256 bits
    • VPN kill switch built-in
    • Ads and malware domains are blocked by the PIA MACE function.
    • All servers have private DNS.
    • Unblocks a variety of geo-restricted content and works well with Netflix.

8. Other suggestions

    • Restart your PC, modem, and/or router
    • Reinstall Surfshark
    • Use public DNS (e.g. Google, Cloudflare)
    • Install Surfshark on your router


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why doesn’t Surfshark function with Netflix?

Because Netflix has blacklisted the IP address you’ve been supplied, Surfshark has stopped cooperating with them. Netflix can’t completely prevent Surfshark, but it can block the IP addresses it gives. You’ll get a new IP address if you switch to a different Surfshark server.

2. Is Surfshark a slow internet connection?

Surfshark users are not restricted in speed, bandwidth, or data. However, you should be aware that using a VPN may result in slower speeds and response times (ping) when compared to not using one. The speed may drop by 20-30%.

3. Is Surfshark suitable for Netflix viewing?

When connected to their Boston server, Surfshark is a good choice for US Netflix. The VPN can unblock roughly 11 Netflix content libraries at lightning speed. The VPN is reasonably priced and includes a Smart DNS tool for compatibility. Overall, we recommend Surfshark for Netflix viewing.

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