Mark Zuckerberg Says Apple Is One of Facebook’s Biggest Competitors


Apple and Facebook seem to be on a crash program.

Back in the first times of Facebook, as it was called Thefacebook, Apple was among the first businesses to provide Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking firm a source of recurring revenue for inviting customers to combine a committed Apple page.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg branded Apple

Relations are becoming somewhat chillier since then. Throughout Facebook’s latest quarterly investor forecast, CEO Zuckerberg branded Apple “among [Facebook’s] biggest rivals.”

The remarks, reported by 9to5Mac, link to Apple’s new privacy security measures–such as a Program Tracking Transparency attribute that traces users in on what programs are monitoring them.

Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Tim Cook

Apple could say they are doing so to help individuals, but the motions certainly monitor with their aggressive pursuits,” Zuckerberg said.

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Facebook has taken issue with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency attribute in a few full-page advertisements, which ran in major newspapers in December. From the advertisements, which were like sponsored editorials, Facebook maintained the feature would harm modest businesses. This is only because they often use the targeted advertisements that Facebook provides, based on user information.

In line with The information, Facebook could now be in the process of readying antitrust litigation, which would turn these discussions with Apple into a full-blown legal skirmish.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has not directly responded to Zuckerberg’s remarks. Nonetheless, in a speech in the European Union data security convention CPDP on January 28, Cook presented a keynote titled, “A route to enabling user decision and fostering user confidence in advertisements.” Inside, he gave his thoughts on this issue –without speaking to Facebook by title.

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Throughout the conversation, that was delivered almost from California and streamed on the internet. Cook reported that “when we take as normal, and inevitable, that all of our own lives could be aggregated and sold, we shed much more than information: we lose the freedom to become human.”

Construction Ethical Technology

Tim Cook lasted:

“In Apple. . .we consider that technological technologies is technology that is appropriate for you. It is technology that assists you to sleep, not keeps up you. It lets you know once you’ve had enough. It offers you space to make, or draw, or write or find out; not refresh only a while. It is technology that may fade in the background when you are on a hike, or going for a swim, but will there be to warn you if your heartbeat spikes or assist you whenever you’ve had a horrible fall. With all this, constantly, it is privacy and safety , since nobody should trade away the rights of the users to provide a fantastic product.”

This conflict between the two technology giants is not likely to subside any time soon. This is not only a debate between two companies but a conflict between two business models, which could, finally, be irreconcilable. We’ll keep you updated about what happens next.

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