Where is Microsoft edge located


The newest Microsoft Edge Browser includes many advantages over Google Chrome even though both are constructed on the same Chromium engine. These attributes include monitoring avoidance, Collections to store webpages, Bing hunt, immersive screening, vertical tabs, Immersive Reader, Password Monitor, InPrivate style, smart backup, and much more.

If you are looking out for the newest Edge browser and understand how it functions but are trying hard to discover the browser downloads and install them, this manual should help you solve your doubts once and for all.

Here we’ll be discussing which Microsoft Edge is situated in your computer, how it is simple to get into the browser in your house display, and understand where all your downloads have been saved on the computer system.

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Where is Microsoft Edge located?

After you set up Microsoft Edge in the same way as any other application on your pc, it also requires a slot and other programs and apps that were previously installed on the computer system.

On Windows 10

You can locate the Microsoft Edge app in your own Windows 10 PC merely by going over to the next location in your platform:


If you would like to start the Microsoft Edge program from this folder, then double-click the Microsoft edge.exe’ document to start the app on your computer.

On macOS

If you’re searching for the Microsoft Edge program in your Mac, things are somewhat more straightforward than what you would do on Windows. Once you install Microsoft Edge on macOS, you can get it by launching the Finder program out of your pier and then clicking the programs’ folder in the left sidebar.

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the program’ folder will reveal a list of programs that are installed on your Mac. Please scroll down and find the Microsoft Edge’ program from the list and also to start the program on macOS and double-click it. In terms of the default place of Microsoft Edge in your Mac, then this should be it:

Macintosh HD/ Applications/ Microsoft Edge