Whatsapp Error Code 11


How to Fix Google Play Store Error 11 in Android

You will experience different mistakes while installing or upgrading the program from the play shop. It’s nothing new. But nowadays, Peoples are confronting malfunction 11 more often. Notably, While installing and upgrading android programs such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., consumers are experiencing this difficulty more. However, I will attempt to allow you to repair play shop malfunction 11 on your android mobile phone.

Usually, This error reveals similar messages like underneath.

“App name” can not be set up. Try again, and if the issue persists, get help. (Error code -11)

Usually, A easy retrying setup or upgrade, even a straightforward reboot, may solve this dilemma. However, these aren’t ideal solutions.

How to Fix Play Store Error 11 in Android:

This issue isn’t a significant one. It is possible to address it by following similar techniques used previously to mend other play shop mistakes. However, Please be sure your date & time, time zone, and area settings are right. Since Misconfiguration of those things can cause this issue. Additionally, you should check whether this program can be used with your android variant. Lately, Many programmers have ceased supporting their programs for elderly android, mostly below 4.0 or 4.4 variants. Thus, you should check these items. Anyhow, To repair malfunction 11, You ought to adhere to those items.

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Force Stop and Clear Cache & Data:

To start with, I would like you to try out this technique. It will do the job for many google play associated mistakes. You are only going to wash the date and cache of the drama shop. Here are comprehensive directions.

  • Initially, Navigate to Settings > Programs > Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Clear Cache, Clear Data, and Force Stop.
  • Do precisely the identical thing to Google Play Services, Download Manager, Downloads, along with the program you’re likely to upgrade or install.
  • After doing this, check if it’s helped to repair google play malfunction 11.

Update or Rollback Play Store:

From time to time, The official drama shop program might have to upgrade. The outdated version could be a motive behind program installation/upgrade error 11. Thus, Assess for the upgrade and see if it fixes this issue. Another thing could occur. The latest play shop upgrade might not undergo an appropriate manner. Consequently, you might encounter several issues. Thus, you may uninstall the upgrades from it and determine if assist one in repairing error 11.

  • Proceed to Settings > Programs > Google Play Store.
  • Now, Tap Uninstall Updates.

Check for Phone Software Update:

This kind of issue is sometimes a known problem for your apparatus or android variant from time to time. Therefore, you can check for the newest software upgrade and receive it. It’ll mend common bugs and “repair play shop malfunction 11”. To test for software version upgrade, Follow the following items.

  • Initially, Visit Settings > Around > Software Update.
  • Your phone must check for the newest software upgrade. When there’s any available upgrade, Install it on your phone or folder.
  • After restarting, you shouldn’t confront that difficulty.
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Re-Add or Use Different Google Account:

At times, you might have to re-add your google account or attempt from another google account. Many individuals have promised it worked amazingly. Here are what to do —

  • Initially, Visit Settings > Accounts > Google.
  • Now, Tap the three dots or button and then select Remove.
  • Restart your mobile cell phone.
  • Again proceed to the same place and include different or same google account.
  • It must fix play shop error code 11.

Clear Dalvik cache:

Another alternative that will work. However, it can require root access for a mobile cell phone. Here are what to do.

  • Download and set up an origin browser out of the play shop.
  • Open it Go to Info > Dalvik-cache.
  • Apparent everything out of the directory.
  • Reboot your device and attempt installing your preferred android program.
  • I expect it is going to solve play shop error 11.
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Wipe Cache Partition:

To try it, you’ll have to get a recovery manner. The different phones might have different strategies to get a recovery atmosphere. However, These are somewhat similar. Wiping cache partition may mend many play shop issues like malfunction 11. Here are directions for the HTC phone number.

  • Power off your mobile cell phone.
  • Press and hold the Electricity + Volume button.
  • Following your phone is switched on, you’ll discover an alternative name pick boot loader or like this. Pick it. This may restart your mobile cellphone. It’s possible to navigate it with the vol up/down key. To choose any object, press the power button.
  • At this time, You must see boot to recovery mode choice. Pick it.
  • For HTC consumers, It might show you red caution signal. Press and hold the power button and then tap the vol button soon.
  • You need to see new alternatives—the release button.
  • Now, select wipe cache partition.
  • Restart your mobile and watch, When it simplifies error code 11.

These are the absolute most working solution for the issue. If you understand anything else which may assist other users in repairing play shop malfunction 11, It is possible to share it in a mailbox.