Whatsapp Recording Audio Error


Best Fixes for WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issue

The Voice message is among the characteristics released in WhatsApp. With the source of WhatsApp voice messages, the majority of the people today find it comfy than simply typing long messages. Additionally, it conveys an individual’s emotions in a much better way.

Occasionally, these voice messages may probably quit functioning. For example, if you get a voice message, it won’t download, or the audio won’t be discovered. Some users won’t have the capacity to capture messages. While others view the blank display when they hear WhatsApp, voice messages along with a message will be displayed “The voice message will be inaccessible.” Within the following guide, we’ll understand how to repair audio messages if it is not functioning on WhatsApp. Let us check out the answers to return the sound in your WhatsApp.

Restart the device

Occasionally, a simple restart will fix your issue. Whenever your WhatsApp sound message doesn’t play or doesn’t record, restart your smartphone and test whether it solves the issue.

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Provide permissions

Whenever you cannot capture voice messages, then check out whether WhatsApp has demanded consent. To record a voice message, you want to acquire consent to use your cellular phone’s microphone.

To enable it upon iPhone and Android, you have to start the Preferences, select Programs and telling or Program Manager. Beneath the All Apps class, pick WhatsApp, and then tap Permissions. Start Looking for the Mike option and tap the Permit option. Now reboot your Android cellphone.

Disable Third-Party Recording Apps

WhatsApp neglects to capture audio messages whenever different programs like display recording or phone recording programs are busy on your cellular phone. We advise you to turn them off for a while and try sending out the voice messages. In case the issue persists, uninstall these programs. Now, check whether you’re able to make audio messages.

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Screen Protector

WhatsApp includes a proximity detector quality which allows you to listen to your voice messages through the earpiece. After the screen protector is erroneously put, it causes an issue. Thus, it’s far better to substitute or eliminate the screen protector from the mobile cell phone.

Higher Volume

From time to time, we overlook increasing quantity amounts. Whenever you’re listening to your voice message utilizing a speaker, then turn up the volume. If you’re using an earpiece to listen to them, then you need to improve the quantity again since it differs in the speaker.

Is There Enough Storage?

Whenever you’re receiving an error “this sound cannot be filled, please try later” while downloading a new voice note, take a look at the space available on your mobile cell phone. Occasionally, once the storage is complete, WhatsApps neglect to download a sound message.

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Clear Cache

On Android, transparent cache WhatsApp differs from clear information since the WhatsApp information won’t be deleted. Steps into the Crystal Clear cache are:

  • Open the Preferences in your telephone and Tap Apps and Notifications.
  • Beneath the Apps, tap WhatsApp, pick press, and storage Clear cache.
  • Today, restart your Android cellphone.


On some occasions, you confront the voice messages dilemma because of a bug from the WhatsApp beta build-in app. Thus, try to upgrade your Android in your Google Play Store.


Ultimately, if nothing works, attempt to re-install WhatsApp out of your device.

With this guide, we hope you receive answers to repair the problems regarding voice messages around WhatsApp.