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Fix WhatsApp Error: This Video Could Not Be Sent

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If you attempt to send documents into your contacts through WhatsApp, you continue getting the error message cant to send this movie. Pick a separate movie and try again, then you may take advantage of this troubleshooting manual to repair the issue.

This problem primarily affects the Android variant of WhatsApp.

Troubleshooting WhatsApp Can’t Send Video Errors

1. Use a wireless connection

Sending videos raises bandwidth utilization — or takes a great deal of bandwidth based on how big the movie file. That is the reason why you want a robust and secure network link.

We recommend changing to a wireless link to deliver your videos quicker. Maintaining your videos utilizing a mobile data link will take more. In the event the link is feeble, the procedure may stop altogether.

To acquire access to more bandwidth, then restart your Wi-Fi modem and then detach different devices employing the system as you’re shifting the movie document (s).

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2. Fix video compatibility issues

WhatsApp doesn’t support all of the video formats on the market. The system now supports just MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, and MOV files.

It’s the audio or the sound codec that is preventing you from sending movies to your contacts from time to time.

You may use a movie converter application to store your movies like MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, and MOV files or bypass the encoding restrictions. When reconverting an MP4 movie into, well, an MP4 movie does the trick and fixes the encoding problems.

It’s well worth mentioning that WhatsApp can not deal with the 4K filming codec. As a workaround, you can either reduce your resolution or utilize a video converter to convert your movies.

Additionally, keep in mind there is a 16 MB file size limitation when sending movies through WhatsApp. Practically, that means that you can not send videos that are 3 or 4 minutes.

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3. Use the correct time settings

The program is dependent upon the device’s time preferences to connect to your servers. If you are not using the appropriate time and date settings, you will not have the ability to link to WhatsApp’s servers and deliver videos to your contacts.

Visit SettingsSystemDate & time and put your time zone into automatic.

4. Update or reinstall WhatsApp

Installing the hottest WhatsApp variant can correct a lot of problems, such as this one.

To assess if there is a more recent WhatsApp variation available, visit Google Play Store, hunt for WhatsApp, and pat the Update button.

Suppose you didn’t get the job done, tap and hold the WhatsApp icon onto your cellphone’s display before the Uninstall option shows up. Harness it to disable the program.

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Then go back to the Google Play Store to obtain the Hottest WhatsApp variant.

5. Your SD card could be the culprit

In case you followed all of the directions listed previously. However, you still can not send videos through WhatsApp; this may well signal your SD card isn’t backed or corrupted.

It is possible to try formatting it; this procedure rarely works. Despite the structure type you use, even in case your SD card isn’t supported or obtained corrupted beyond repair, it just will not do the job.

Obtaining a brand new SD card should permit you to talk about video files along with your contacts.

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