Wear OS smartwatches can now use the Samsung Internet browser

Wear OS smartwatches can now use the Samsung Internet browser

Samsung’s introduction into the Wear OS world re-energized Google’s wearable platform, particularly as it coincided with the release of Wear OS 3. However, the situation is far from ideal since Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are the only smartwatches that run the latest Wear OS version. There’s also the issue of Samsung’s Tizen apps coming to Wear OS while being proprietary to Samsung. Still, if the company’s Internet browser wearable app is any indicator, that won’t be the case for long.

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Samsung’s smartwatches had featured an Internet browser app for a long time, whether or not it made sense. Those moving from earlier Samsung smartwatches to the new Galaxy Watch 4 series may have been forced to say goodbye to that feature, but it was just a temporary separation. As predicted, Samsung moved the Internet browser to Wear OS last month, but it was limited to the Galaxy Watch 4 pair.

This, too, appears to be a transient condition. Several users of other Wear OS smartwatches have reported that the software is now accessible for their devices. However, the OPPO Watch, the Fossil Gen 5, and even the Casio WSD-F30 are all Wear OS 2-only devices.

Samsung Browser on Oppo Watch from WearOS

Although it’s much too soon to rejoice, this may be the start of a new Samsung movement. The firm has recently begun migrating its apps to Wear OS, including a walkie-talkie app, although they are only compatible with Samsung’s initial Wear OS devices. Even if it takes a small time of exclusivity initially, Samsung should ultimately make them compatible with all Wear OS smartwatches.

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Having a small web browser on your wrist, on the other hand, isn’t exactly the most pleasant method to access the web. Samsung Internet for smartwatches isn’t exactly making things easier. However, it does, at the very least, provide a quick method to examine sites, especially when they must be launched from another wristwatch app, and it may be preferable to pulling out your phone for a glance.

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