Date for Empire of Sin: Make It Count Expansion & Precinct Update

Date for Empire of Sin: Make It Count Expansion & Precinct Update

On November 18, Empire of Sin will receive the premium Make It Count expansion and the free Precinct Update, both of which bring new material to the game.

Make It Count, the first Empire of Sin DLC addition will be launched alongside the game‘s free Precinct Update on November 18, which promises to strengthen and alter basic gameplay. The new patches were originally revealed by publisher Paradox Interactive, who promised that the additional content would fix many of the difficulties players experienced with Empire of Sin when it first launched.

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Maxim Zelnick, who wields the “Persuader” submachine pistol and can call reinforcements in the middle of the fight, will be included as a boss in Empire of Sin: Make It Count on November 18. The Fixer profession will be introduced in the Make It Count DLC update, allowing players to bribe adversaries during combat to make peaceful escapes. The Loan Shark racket and new weaponry, buildings, objectives, and events will be included in Make It Count.

The Empire of Sin‘s Precinct upgrade will be free while Make It Count is purchased. As the name implies, it will bring Precincts to the game, which are subdivisions of existing neighborhoods through which Supply Lines flow. Each Precinct has a Depot, a fiercely defended facility that serves as the Precinct control point, and influence over it may be gained through warfare. The free Empire of Sin will also upgrade its police, with a Police Activity number that shows the relative presence of officers in each location and that the user may modify. Buy-Out, when the player physically buys a group from its leader, and Chi-Town Mogul, where the player controls 40% of all rackets and fully upgrades them, are two new win conditions.

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On November 18, 2021, Empire of Sin: Make It Count and the Precinct Update will be released for all platforms.