Warner Bros. Set to Drop 91,000 NFTs for Space Jam: A New Legacy Launch

Warner Bros. Set to Drop 91,000 NFTs for Space Jam: A New Legacy Launch

Warner Bros. will bring the worlds of Space Jam and Looney Tunes to the challenging and unpredictable NFT market by dropping 91,000 limited-edition collectibles to help promote the film. This is the most significant NFT drop for a film and will feature images of Bugs Bunny and Tweety and Porky Pig and LeBron James.

Space Jam NFTs for Collecting – Launch

Warner Bros. will launch its Space Jam: A New Legacy NFT Series on Nifty’s. Nifty’s is a well-known NFT marketplace. Nifty’s users will be able to claim one Space Jam NFT free of charge during the signup period. A second Space Jam NFT can also be claimed by sharing a post on social media. Users can then drop $3 to purchase additional Space Jam NFTs.

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The Space Jam: A New Legacy NFT Drop is different from other launches in that Warner Bros. will give away the NFTs rather than selling them. They are selling the NFTs and 91,000 collectibles. This is a nice touch.

Nifty’s users can now grab one of eight Looney Tunes characters, “Tune Squad”, along with NBA superstar LeBron James. Five different rarity levels are available for the NFTs. Each user is eligible to win one of the rarest Space Jam NFTs at the Legendary Tier. Unfortunately, there are only ten copies.

After signing up, I was able to grab a Tasmanian Devil as well as a Roadrunner from the Uncommon rarity levels. It is important to remember that Nifty’s NFT sales process will randomly assign any Space Jam Looney Tunes NFT purchase, so you won’t know which NFT you’ll receive.

This makes complete sense as the Legendary NFT Tier’s price may rise, and users may decide to sell them on other NFT auction websites (currently, Nifty’s does not allow NFT sales to any other users).

Space Jam NFTs Lower Power Consumption

NFTs and cryptocurrency, in general, face a lot of criticism because of their energy consumption. Bitcoin’s blockchain network requires a lot of energy. Warner Bros. worked with Palm NFT Studio to develop an NFT minting method 99% more efficient than other options.

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Another eyebrow-raising move was choosing a less well-known NFT platform to launch Space Jam: A Legacy NFT launch. Warner Bros. wanted NFT exposure to drive engagement, and the film’s release on Space Jam: A New Legacy NFT launch was an intelligent move. In addition, Warner Bros. distributes on a random platform that helps both Nifty’s and Warner Bros.