Nvidia Accidentally Disables Its RTX 3060 Cryptocurrency Mining Lock

Nvidia Accidentally Disables Its RTX 3060 Cryptocurrency Mining Lock

The beta driver gets crypto-mining potential with all the new GPUs. Nvidia Accidentally Disables Its RTX 3060 Cryptocurrency Mining Lock . At least it has temporarily. A beta upgrade pushed live seems to have inadvertently opened that the GPUs, which Nvidia lately asserted were “unhackable.” 

It follows a previous report that seemed to demonstrate the RTX 3060 GPUs used to mine Ethereum–that the first thing that the cards are intended to limit –though it was shown later to be incorrect.

Are Nvidia’s RTX 3060 GPUs Cracked?

Nvidia launched its brand new RTX 3060 GPUs using a solid belief: shielding GPUs out of cryptocurrency mining processes in an endeavor to place hardware into the hands of players.

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However, it is an admirable battle, one which Nvidia’s GeForce 470.05 beta motorist has seemingly reversed. The beta driver has now unlocked the RTX 3060 to get cryptocurrency mining, estimating its hash speed limiter.

The narrative was initially shown by the Western technology website PC Watch and afterward verified by the German technology website, Computer Base. Pictures displayed on the two websites reveal the Nvidia RTX 3060 mining cryptocurrency employing the Ethereum algorithm, also using a hash speed of approximately 48MH/s.

Before installing the GeForce 470.05 beta motorist, the Ethereum hash speed would gradually decrease before settling, involving 20-24MH/s, approximately half the possible cryptocurrency mining capability of their RTX 3060 GPU.

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The GeForce 470.05 beta motorist was initially designed for its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). However, the driver unintentionally simplifies the GPUs to get cryptocurrency mining.

What Next for Nvidia’s RTX 3060 GPUs?

Even though this is a little more awkward for Nvidia, it may not be a deadly blow for its strategy to rally against the GPU market’s continuing struggles.

Nvidia can reverse the beta driver in the short term. However, it will look as though the genie is out of the jar that one. Short of needing driven driver upgrades, a few miners will continue to keep their RTX 3060 GPUs about the 470.05 beta motorist.

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Another concern for Nvidia is that somebody could reverse engineer the driver upgrade and utilize it to crack the suggested cryptocurrency mining limitations to the forthcoming Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU.

These scenarios are hypotheticals now, and Nvidia is to reply to the beta driver problem impacting the RTX 3060.

But what’s apparent is that when this beta driver stays workable, the couple RTX 3060 GPUs which cryptocurrency miners have been eschewing may well turn into that little more intriguing. Overall, it is not looking good for players who only need to receive their hands on a moderately priced graphics card in the short or long run.