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VPN Master may be a small, US-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) company. It’s a terrible VPN that filed to attach and provides no assurances for privacy and encryption implementation. The VPN is priced at the cheaper end of the market but is never well worth the money it asks. The service does have features that the corporate website doesn’t advertise, and even the customer support staff on the live chat system do not know about the facilities available. However, the VPN’s features tend not actually to work anyway.

In this review, you’ll learn the great points and bad points about VPN Master, how you’ll check-in for the service, and what you’ll expect if you are doing plan to use it.

VPN Master Features

The features of the company’s package are:

  • Servers in 14 countries
  • Proprietary app running PPTP for Windows
  • PPTP and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) available for manual setup
  • No activity logs
  • P2P allowed on German, Russian, and Polish servers
  • No data throughput limits

The VPN Master server network has locations within the US, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Poland, Romania, and Russia.

Most VPN services allow you to attach several devices simultaneously. However, VPN Master only allows you to connect one device at a time.

Is VPN Master Secure

VPN Master only advertises its PPTP servers. The system uses 128-bit Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE). PPTP isn’t a secure protocol. It had been one of the earliest systems invented for VPNs and has quite a few weak points. The priority over the insecurity of PPTP led Microsoft to create a Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) to exchange it. One advantage of PPTP is that you can install it almost everywhere, including on smart TVs, set-top boxes, and routers. However, that portability is being eroded. When Apple changed its Mac OS from Mac OS X to macOS, it removed support for PPTP.

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OpenVPN may be a far better VPN protocol than PPTP, and most VPN services specialize in that protocol. One unusual feature of the VPN Master PPTP implementation is that the corporate has produced an app. Usually, the user is predicted to make a VPN connection through the device’s network settings.

The OpenVPN implementation only includes access to at least one server. This seems to be a replacement service, and nobody at the corporate has much information on its encryption. The log file for the service doesn’t report this information either.

I eventually discovered that the system uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption with a 256-bit key. However, with no details about the handshake and auth implementation, it’s impossible to mention whether OpenVPN is secure on this platform.

Is VPN Master Private?

The privacy policy is surprisingly silent about its treatment of knowledge that passes through the VPN service. The privacy policy relates to the data VPN Master collects on visitors to the website and, therefore, the payment details it collects for purchase. This is often concerning because you merely can’t tell whether this VPN is providing data privacy or not.

The VPN Master Website

The VPN Master website is not appealing. The homepage presents the service’s highlights, but there are no more details on the opposite pages; therefore, the details about the service are very thin.

The company operates three domains: vpnmaster.com, vpnmaster.org, and vpnmaster.info. The .com pages of the location have the VPN Master logo, but the .info pages have a header from the online services company that hosts the VPN Master site. These include the checkout pages and, therefore, the support pages. The homepage is on the .com address, and therefore the .org pages, which also show the VPN Master logo, include the About Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service pages.

The site includes a members Area, where you’ll check on your account.

You don’t get access to the present section of the location until you’ve signed up for the service. The Server Status page is another part of the location that’s reserved for subscribers. This page doesn’t list all the servers and their status but notifies them of service outages.

VPN Master Customer Support

Although the customer support pages of the location are all on the vpnmaster.info domain, the support email address is support@vpnmaster.com.

The main channel for quick answers is that the live chat system. This will be accessed via the yellow notice at the rock bottom right of the location. I found this help desk manned whenever that I visited the location.

You don’t get to enter your name or email address to start a conversation, and you only have A question.

The support operative wasn’t too intimate with the system. Her response to technical questions on the encryption used for the system consisted of long silences. Whenever I suggested what VPN options could be available, she just agreed with me, which necessitated more quizzing to urge reality.

Another channel for Support is that the support ticket form. This is often available by selecting Support from the most menu then Contact Us from the Support menu.

You also have the choice of contacting the support team via email. Once you raise a support ticket through the website, you’ll access replies to your issues through the client area of the location. You’ll even be sent an email whenever a reply is posted. The technical support staff is very quick and that I always received replies to my problems within half an hour of sending an invitation.

The website knowledge domain is not informative.

The Process

Signing Up

Click on the subscription period that interests you from the three price boxes on the homepage. This starts the acquisition process.

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The subscription form requires your address and telephone number, also as your name and email. You must enter a true email address because there is no download page on the website, so you’ll receive links to the software and an inventory of server addresses by email.

Scroll right down to fill in your payment details, then click on the “Complete Order” button.

After paying for the service, you’ll receive an email containing your account details and links to the software downloads.

The VPN Master Windows VPN Client

You can download two apps for Windows. One may be a custom app for PPTP. The install file should create a shortcut for the PPTP app on your desktop.

You have to log in with the credentials contained within the welcome email.

There are only a few settings to affect.

You need to pick a server from the drop-down list at the highest of the app. this provides you options to attach to 14 countries. There are two servers within the UK and ten within the US.

You will get a system notification when the VPN connection is established.

After trying to attach to both UK servers, all US servers, plus the Canadian server, I used to be unable to determine a working reference to this app.

You access the OpenVPN app via a webpage. After downloading the install file, click thereon to urge the app installed. The installer should put a shortcut to OpenVPN Connect on your desktop.

The app runs in minimized mode. Search for a keyhole icon within the system tray of your desktop. Click on the icon to urge the menu for the app.

The menu has options to pick whether you would like to run using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). You’ll also change the menu language within the Settings screen.

You only have one server available to you, which is within the Netherlands.

Pros and Cons


  • Hide your location and IP.
  • Unlimited video stream.
  • Secure wi-fi connection.
  • Quality encryption.
  • No record-keeping.


  • It doesn’t have an automatic shutdown.
  • It has tons of ads.
  • It doesn’t support BitTorrent.


Given that the PPTP connections don’t work, the OpenVPN service only offers one location, it’s difficult to ascertain how anyone may benefit from a subscription to the present VPN.

I liked:

  • App for PPTP
  • Accepts PayPal and Bitcoin
  • Online chat for Support
  • Very fast technical support

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • The online chat host didn’t know anything.

I hated:

  • PPTP didn’t work
  • Only one location for OpenVPN
  • The refund period is only 24 hours
  • Only one connection at a time allowed

VPN Master is staffed with polite and likable people. Therefore, it is a shame that the service doesn’t work which there’s little or no information available about the extent of encryption and privacy provided.

The website doesn’t explain that OpenVPN is out there, and there’s no mention of Bitcoin until you get to the purpose of paying.

VPN Master should scrap its pointless and outdated PPTP VPN service and specialize in expanding its OpenVPN implementation. The corporate must thoroughly test its service and confirm its operation before collecting money from customers.

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User Questions:

  1. Is VPN master safe to use?

VPN Proxy Master may be a popular free VPN for macOS, iOS, and Android. The logging policy isn’t awful, but the VPN is slow with bad customer support. It also lacks security measures, and that we even detected dangerous functions and malware within the app. In short, VPN Proxy Master isn’t a secure VPN.

  1. Is Daily VPN safe?

Using a reliable virtual private network (VPN) is often secure thanks to browsing the web. VPN security is increasingly used to stopping data from being snooped on by government agencies and major corporations or accessing blocked websites. However, employing a free VPN tool is often insecure.

  1. Can a VPN steal passwords?

A VPN can steal your passwords if malicious code or malware is installed into the applications you download and install from a VPN provider. … If you’re concerned about your passwords being visible to your VPN provider and the way it’s going to be possible for your passwords to be compromised, keep reading.

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