Verizon Is Not Shutting Down Its 3G Network Quite Yet


Even though most of the planet is moving on 5G, Verizon is still not prepared to depart 3G.

Verizon has postponed the projected shuttering of its 3G network. Based on a report on Light Reading, the shutdown was postponed indefinitely at this stage.

The company initially intended to stop the obsolete service at the end of 2020, which has been a delay. Verizon is not prepared to make a move just yet, even though the firm has not been tripping 3G apparatus since 2018 nor has it provided a prepaid 3G service because 2019.

The Legacy 3G Network Length On

A company spokesperson told The Verge which Verizon doesn’t mean to close down the 3G service at the moment but stopped short of clarifying if Verizon might alter its strategies in the not too distant future.

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The organization statement reads:

Our 3G system is operational, and we do not have a strategy to shut it down at this moment,” the statement reads. “We will work with clients to maneuver them to newer technologies.

At any rate, the entire world has moved from 3G a couple of years ago and has never returned. With the present transition from 4G LTE into 5G, there might soon be no demand for 3G networks at all.

A Forced Upgrade to 4G LTE?

Many folks can see the delay to indicate that Verizon is not prepared to depart 3G networks only yet.

Verizon is not alone in this–other big carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile also have maintained their various 3G services ready to go. But unlike Verizon, the two AT&T and T-Mobile have put cut-off dates for 3G shutdowns: AT&T will stop its 3G network and service in ancient 2022 to bring individuals”quicker speeds and new attributes” while T-Mobile’s 3G network will go offline over”the upcoming few years”.

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Verizon might be trying to lure present 3G customers into updating to 4G LTE, or even 5G–and buy new handsets out of them. However, since The Verge notes, the continued flaws in stopping the heritage 3G system imply that the transition might not be going as quickly as Verizon wants.