How to: Fix Can’t Upload Pictures From My Camera on Windows 10

How to: Fix Can’t Upload Pictures From My Camera on Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Can’t Upload Pictures From My Camera on Windows 10”

Many people enjoy taking images and storing them on their computers, but according to some users, Windows 10 has some issues with image transferring.

On Windows 10, users have reported having trouble uploading photos taken with their cameras. Let’s look at a solution because this can be a severe issue, especially if you’re a photographer.

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Can’t upload pictures from my camera on PC

Solution 1 – Set the Pictures folder to default path

You might not be able to upload photos from your camera to Windows 10 if the path to the Pictures folder is modified for any reason. Fortunately, you may quickly resolve this problem by doing the following actions:

    1. Select Properties from the right-click menu after finding the Pictures folder.
    2. Now click the Restore Default button on the Location tab.
    3. To save changes, click Apply and OK.

Solution 2 – Check the Pictures folder permissions

Let’s look at how to change the permissions for the Pictures folder since some people believe that doing so resolves the problem. This step includes modifying some basic operating system settings, so creating a System Restore point would not be a bad idea in case something goes wrong.

Do the following to modify the Pictures folder’s permissions:

    1. Choose Properties from the menu when you right-click the Pictures folder after finding it.
    2. Click the Edit button under the Security tab.
    3. You ought to see several accounts. You might have many Account Unknown entries, like in our example.
    4. Select the entries for Account Unknown and press the Remove button to remove them. According to some users, you should keep your account, Administrator, and SYSTEM.
    5. Click Apply and OK to save your changes after finishing.

Several users assert that you must also modify the permissions for each and every subfolder inside the Pictures folder. Ensure that the Pictures folder controls your user account and all its subfolders to resolve this problem.

Solution 3 – Add the picture folders to an archive

Although it’s not a long-term fix, this method can help you transfer photographs from your camera to your PC. Follow these steps to add your pictures folder to an archive:

    1. Connect your camera to the computer.
    2. Locate the photographs folder by using File Explorer to access the camera.
    3. Select the Add to archive option with a right-click on the folder.
    4. Create an archive, then transfer it to your PC to extract the images.

Solution 4 – Use a card reader

Utilizing a card reader can be an additional helpful workaround. Many consumers reported having trouble transferring their photos from the camera, but after taking the SD card out and inserting it into the card reader, they had no issues.

Solution 5 – Format your SD card

When an SD card has issues, these problems can be resolved by formatting the card. The files on the card will be deleted if you format it, so make a backup of your files if you can.

Simply select the Format card option from your camera’s settings menu to format an SD card. You should be able to import photographs to Windows 10 when the card has been formatted.

You can try a different SD card and see whether the problem reappears as an alternative to formatting. Try formatting the SD card if the issue persists, and then see if everything works.

Solution 6 – Use your camera software to upload pictures

We advise you to try using your camera’s software if you’re having trouble transferring photos from your camera to Windows 10. Users claim that by utilizing their cameras’ file transfer capabilities, they could resolve this issue. Make sure you get it from your camera manufacturer’s website if you don’t already have it.

Solution 7 – Disable OneDrive

Although OneDrive is a fantastic cloud storage option, it appears that utilizing OneDrive to transfer photos from your camera is giving you some issues. Users claim that disabling OneDrive typically resolves this issue, and to do so, and you must take the following steps:

    1. Group by pressing Windows Key + S. From the menu, select Edit group policy.
    2. Go to OneDrive under Windows Components in the left pane of Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates.
    3. Double-click Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage in the right pane.
    4. Select the Enabled option when the new window appears, then click Apply and OK to save your changes.

Solution 8 – Update the firmware on your camera

Users claim that changing your camera’s firmware will solve this issue. Only a few customers claimed that this technique worked with Fujifilm cameras, but you can still try it even if your camera is from a different manufacturer.

It is advised to exercise additional caution when updating the firmware on your camera because it could be harmful and result in long-term damage.

Solution 9 – Check your USB cable and ports

You might be unable to upload any photographs from your camera to your PC if the photo-transfer cable you’re using is broken. It’s also conceivable that the USB port on your computer is to blame.

Switch ports after trying to transfer your images using a different cable to rule out hardware problems. Also, check whether your USB port is free of dust particles.

Solution 10 – Use File Explorer

Some customers reported that they solved the issue by launching File Explorer and moving the images to their Pictures folder.

I opened file explorer, then opened the camera, and dragged the file to my Pictures folder and it copied fine that way. Ridiculous that Microsoft isn’t more helpful, or provided a fix.

Solution 11 – Use a different computer

Rarely do hardware compatibility problems may arise and prevent the transmission of your photos. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no way to remedy this issue, especially if your computer is quite old. Try using a different computer if you can still not transfer your photos from your camera to your computer.

We hope that one of our ideas helped you solve the problem of being unable to upload photos from your camera to your Windows 10 computer.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why can’t my camera upload pictures to my computer?

Your camera settings may be the source of any PC image import issues you’re experiencing. Verify your camera settings if you’re attempting to import photos from your camera. According to users, you won’t be able to transfer your photographs if your camera’s USB connection settings are set to Auto.

2. How can I upload pictures taken with my camera to Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you can still import photographs using the Import Pictures and Videos wizard if that’s how you’re used to doing it. Select This PC under File Explorer under Start. The camera should show up under Devices. Using the right mouse button, select Import Pictures, and Videos.

3. Why won’t my computer let me load my photos?

Misconfigured browser settings. Some web browsers prevent photos from loading by default. Selecting “display all pictures” from the browser’s preferences menu might be all that is needed to resolve this. It’s also essential to see if your device has any extensions or security software that can restrict photos.

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