How to: Fix Camera App Not Working in Windows 10

How to: Fix Camera App Not Working in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Camera App Not Working in Windows 10”

  • The Windows Camera app is a little piece of software that allows you to rapidly take images or record movies with your device’s integrated camera or an external webcam.
  • If the Camera app still doesn’t launch after a restart, ensure you have full control over the Camera roll folder and that your device drivers are up to current.
  • In just a few simple steps, you may change your camera’s settings and recover access to your camera.
  • We also share our recommendations for the finest third-party tools for resolving this type of problem faster and with less effort on your part.

Laptop cameras are necessary gadgets in this day and age when online communication is slowing down our professional, educational, and even personal lives.

However, several users complained that after upgrading to Windows 10, they could not utilize the camera; it purportedly displays an error and then stops operating.

So, with a few possible remedies, we’ll try to assist everyone who is dealing with this problem.

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Why isn’t the camera on my laptop working?

Your laptop camera on your Windows 10 laptop may malfunction or not work at all due to various root issues.

If your camera closes automatically, your device drivers may be corrupt or out of date. You could also have modified permissions for your Camera Roll folder or Camera app accidentally.

You can have troubles with the camera app crashing or freezing if you don’t have full access to Camera Roll. Fortunately, as you’ll see in the guide below, these problems are extremely simple to resolve.

Please keep in mind that your camera may not be operating due to hardware issues in addition to these software-related issues. You’ll need to contact your manufacturer for a professional solution to resolve these issues.

What should I do if my Camera app isn’t working?

Case 1: Recover complete access to the Camera Roll folder

  1. Go to the Pictures In Pictures folder in File Explorer, right-click on the Camera roll folder, and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Security section.
  3. Select your username from the drop-down menu under Group or user names:
  4. Choose Full control from the Edit permissions menu.
  5. Select OK.

Some customers claimed that they lost full access to the Camera roll folder in Pictures, even in the Technical Preview and reportedly even after the final version was published.

Because the Camera roll folder and Microsoft‘s camera app are linked, if you don’t have full access to this folder, you won’t be able to use the camera (because it won’t be able to save your photographs and videos there).

Do the following to get access to your Camera roll folder and use your camera again.

This should cure the problem in most circumstances, but if it doesn’t, try the following options.

Case 2: Modify the camera app’s privacy settings

  1. Open Settings from the Start Menu.
  2. Go to the Privacy tab.
  3. Go to Camera and turn it on. Then, allow apps to utilize my camera even if it isn’t turned on.

This problem can also occur if your camera’s privacy settings are turned off. You must ensure that your camera is turned on and that it can connect to the programs on your computer.

If the camera isn’t turned on under the Privacy area of the Settings app, you’ll get an error message every time you try to take a picture or record a video.

After you activate it, it should operate without a hitch and begin recording or taking pictures as soon as you attempt. It should also work with third-party applications.

Case 3: Make sure your gadget drivers are up to current

  1. Return to the beginning. Device Manager can be found by searching for it and clicking on it.
  2. The Cameras category should be expanded.
  3. Select Update from the context menu when you right-click on the device.
  4. If necessary, reconnect your device or restart it.

Your drivers must be current for your system to work correctly. If none of the previously stated methods worked, you need to upgrade your camera driver.

Without a driver, a computer cannot manage video cards, camera software, sound cards, or other devices. With the help of the built-in Device Manager, you can upgrade your camera driver:

You can also use a dedicated driver updater program, such as Driverfix. It will save you time by updating your drivers automatically regularly.

This software keeps your system running smoothly by updating the drivers. It also looks for obsolete or corrupt drivers that are causing your system to slow down.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. What’s the deal with my camera app not working?

  1. Clear the Cache on the Camera
  2. Let’s clear the cache and try once more. 1: Open the app info menu by long-tapping the Camera app icon. 2: Select the Storage & Cache option from the menu. 3: Now you may utilise a functioning Camera app on Android by tapping on Clear cache.

2. Why isn’t my camera app on my laptop working?

Simply open Device Manager, right-click on your webcam device, and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver. Select the suitable reason for reverting to older drivers, then click Yes. Check if the Camera app is operating after rebooting your computer.

3. On Windows 10, how can I reset my camera?

  1. Select Start -> Settings -> Apps -> Apps & Features from the Start menu.
  2. In the app list, scroll down to find Camera app. Simply press the button. Then, under Camera app, pick the Advanced options tab. In the new Camera settings window, you can click Reset button under Reset section to revert the Camera app to its default settings.
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4. Anyone have a solution to the camera not working? I don’t

Anyone have a solution to the camera not working? I don’t have any antivirus software on my PC from Windows10

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