What to Do if Expired Domain Is Unavailable

What to Do if Expired Domain Is Unavailable

Here we can see, “What to Do if Expired Domain Is Unavailable”

  • Expired domains usually indicate that the website has been taken down.
  • However, even if the website is working properly, you may see an expired domain error.

After you’ve built your website and chosen a server, you might discover that the domain name you want is already taken. Rather than selecting another, you may wait until it expires in a few months.

Alternatively, you may have previously had a domain name but could not renew it before it expired.

However, just because a domain name has passed its expiration date doesn’t mean you can’t renew or buy it. You could be perplexed as to why this is the case. We’ll explain why this happens and how to fix it in the following tutorial.

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How do I fix an unavailable domain name after expiry?

All expired domain name cycles are different. When a domain name expires, most registrars provide the original registrant a grace period to renew the domain name (s).

The website (and email) will remain operational throughout this time.

After the grace period, most registrars have a redemption period. There will be a brief deletion pending period following this period. The website and email cease to operate during this time.

Your registrar will delete and release/drop the domain name once the deletion time has expired.

If no one has reserved it for a backorder or scooped it first, you’ll be able to reclaim the domain name after it’s released/dropped.

ICANN is a fantastic illustration of this, as their grace period is determined by the length of time you’ve owned the domain name. Furthermore, each domain name extension has its own set of registrar rules. This may have an effect on the renewal procedure.

If you’re a domain name owner who wants to maintain your domain for a long time, you’ll want to ensure it doesn’t expire. ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ as the saying goes.

1. Auto-renew your domain

    1. Go to your host’s registrar’s Renewal and/or Billing page.
    2. If you haven’t already done so, please do so now.
    3. Click the Auto-Renew On button next to the domain name you want to auto-renew.
    4. The domain name should have an auto-renewal date next to it.

Most registrars and hosts, such as GoDaddy, should work with the outlined methods. If the methods above don’t work, go to the registrar’s website for instructions on how to auto-renew your domain name. You’ll need to locate the relevant papers or assistance.

You can get the expiring domain before other users if you’re not the current or prior owner of the domain. The domain name may be put up for auction during or after the redemption period, and anybody can bid for it, including the former owner.

Alternatively, it may be available on a first-come, first-served basis as a backorder.

2. Grab the Domain Name after the expiry

    1. Using a tool like WHOis.net, you may find the domain registrar’s name.
    2. Locate your auction partner.
      • There are three prominent auction houses in the United States:
      • The domain name registrar may or may not auction off domains. You’ll have to backorder the domain in that instance.
    3. Once you’ve discovered the auction house, note the domain name.
      • You can also employ a backorder service to maintain track of the domain and bids on your behalf.
    4. You can place a backorder or wait for the domain’s bidding to begin.
      • You can, however, skip this step and wait for the domain name to be released or dropped while keeping a close eye on it.
      • Unless your domain name is undesired, the latter method is a major risk.

Suppose you’re an ex-domain owner who wants to reclaim your domain after the grace period. In that case, you’ll have to wait a few days after the deletion period to do so.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why isn’t a domain that has expired available?

A domain name has expired but is not available for purchase in Whois. When domain names expire, they may be temporarily deleted, making them unavailable for purchase for a period of time after their expiration date. What is the best way for me to purchase it?

2. What should I do if a domain name I want is already taken but not available?

Make an attempt to contact the registrant. Find out if the name is being used for a legitimate cause and if the registrant is prepared to sell it to you. Registration information is available at www.whois.net.

3. How can you reclaim an expired domain?

If your domain name has expired, you should immediately contact the registrar (or reseller) who supplied your domain name registration services to inquire about renewal alternatives. If you want to find out who your current registrar of record is, go to whois.icann.org and do a WHOIS search.

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