An Animal Crossing Gamer Creates a Cobblestone Croatian City on an Island

An Animal Crossing Gamer Creates a Cobblestone Croatian City on an Island

A competent Animal Crossing user has created a cobblestone boulevard inspired by Dubrovnik, Croatia, using some newly available materials.

A crafty gamer has changed her island into the cobblestoned Croatian city of Dubrovnik, creating an innovative Animal Crossing island design inspired by Animal Crossing: Recent Horizons’ new update. Dubrovnik is a city in Southern Croatia located on the Adriatic Sea. It is arguably best known for its mediaeval architecture, which gained a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.

Animal Crossing has been one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games since its release in 2020. Users have been eagerly waiting for a big content update, with many believing that tiny content releases and recurrent seasonal events were not enough to keep players interested. According to a recent data mine, Animal Crossing gamers’ patience was finally rewarded with the November 2.0 update, which added over 9,000 new items to the game. Aside from new things, the update featured the return of Brewster and his café, The Roost, which was one of the most requested characters in the game.

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Autumnweeds, a Twitter user, provided screenshots of her newly remodelled Animal Crossing island, which was inspired by a street in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The screenshots show a cobblestone street flanked on all sides by stone brick buildings, leading to a terracotta-coloured staircase that leads to a massive castle entrance. Autumnweeds brings the road to life with lovely touches like potted plants along the walls, a flower-filled wooden cart, and even empty bottles left outside to be collected. Finally, a bicycle is parked out of the way near the street’s entrance, and the footpath is paved with a custom cobblestone design to complement the buildings’ look.

Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update was published earlier this month, bringing with it a big content increase as well as the end of the game’s free updates. Autumnweeds used the newly added castle-themed components for her construction, which included the Medieval Building Side for her street’s walls, thanks to New Horizons’ 2.0 update. New Horizons fans have praised the amazing Dubrovnik-inspired island on Twitter, with many saying it’s hard to believe the image was produced in Animal Crossing.

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Autumnweeds’ island change is a fantastic attempt to bring the streets of Dubrovnik to New Horizons, and it makes excellent use of the game’s new goods. There are now even more possibilities for players wishing to bring their ideas to life in New Horizons, thanks to the abundance of furniture items and new features introduced to Animal Crossing, as well as the early release of Happy Home Paradise.

The Nintendo Switch version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available.

Source: Autumnweeds/Twitter