Two new Instagram hidden features make the system easier to use

Two new Instagram hidden features make the system easier to use

Instagram has released a couple of new features with no announcement from the company at the time of release. Instead, they left the features to the masses to discover. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri finally… featured… the duo of features today. In the most recent versions of Instagram, this very friendly man displayed both features as “hidden jewels.”

If you’re using the iOS version of Instagram, you should be able to use both Carousel Deletion and Rage Shake, as Mosseri pointed out this week. The first part is probably the most useful for people who don’t have any problems with their Instagram app or its stuff. If you haven’t already, update your Instagram app on your iOS device to get Carousel Deletion.

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Carousel Deletion is a feature that should have been included in the process from the moment it became feasible to upload many images to a single post. Only the most recent version of Instagram allows you to modify a post with a carousel of images and delete one at a time. The trash can icon in the upper left-hand corner of a carousel picture can be used to access this feature.

Carosel Deletion is currently available for iOS users, and it will be available for Android users soon. This has always been the case, and it has been since the inception of Instagram. It’s a strange fact, but Instagram was originally exclusively available for iPhone users.

Adam Mosseri’s second film, Rage Shake, was revealed this week. This feature detects when you appear to be shaking your phone up and down using physical sensors in your smartphone. Instagram should react if your phone can detect whether you’re physically moving it up, down, and around.

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If you Rage Shake your phone while it’s open to Instagram, a screen should appear asking, “Did something go wrong?” Instagram will imply that your feedback will assist them in improving their service, and you’ll be offered the option to report an issue.

Once you’ve started the system, you’ll notice a toggle choice. If you choose, you may disable the “Shake phone to report a problem” option, and it’ll almost certainly be enabled by default.

Source: Mosseri