Alien: Isolation Mobile Brings Classic Horror to iOS and Android

Alien: Isolation Mobile Brings Classic Horror to iOS and Android

On December 16, developer Feral Interactive will release the critically acclaimed survival horror game Alien: Isolation for Android and iOS devices.

Thanks to a mobile release overseen by developer Feral Interactive, the award-winning survival horror game Alien: Isolation will make its way to Android and iOS devices on December 16. In 2014, Creative Assembly and Sega released the game on consoles and PC, making it the first Alien encounter in the interactive media. Despite long-held expectations for a real Alien: Isolation sequel, there’s presently no evidence that one is in the works.

However, the space-based horror adventure did get a new lease on life a few years ago when Feral Interactive ported it to the Nintendo Switch in December of 2019. This edition of Alien: Isolation did not disappoint, much to the joy of many Switch owners. Some consider Switch the best way to experience Sevastopol Station on console because of its beautiful graphics, frantic gameplay, and terrifying atmosphere. Feral Interactive’s mastery of the classic experience appears to be far from over.

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Feral Interactive recently announced intentions to bring Alien: Isolation’s captivating story to Android and iOS mobile devices. According to VGC, the updated edition will be released on December 16 for $14.99 and will include the original game and all seven DLC releases. Alien: Isolation’s mobile port has a customizable interface designed for touchscreens; however, gamepad support has been verified for those who prefer tactile controls. The company claims that it could adapt the survival horror experience to mobile devices “without compromise,” according to a statement. In less than a month, players will be allowed to make their own decisions. In the video below, you can see a trailer for the announcement:

Such a release will undoubtedly be a treat to Alien fans who have yet to experience the renowned sci-fi horror universe as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter. Alien: Isolation slowed the pace significantly, unlike earlier interactive adventures, creating a melancholy cadence that truly accentuated the terror wreaked by Xenomorphs. If Feral can reproduce that vibe on mobile, a whole new set of players will be in for a treat by mid-December.

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Alien isn’t the first franchise to make the transition to mobile devices. Alien: Blackout, developed by D3 Go!, was released in 2019 and once again had Amanda Ripley at the story’s core. The tactics game received mixed reviews, and however, some thought it was a worthwhile mobile spinoff at the time.

Alien: Isolation is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One; the horror game will be available on Android and iOS on December 16.

Source: VGC