Tinder’s latest feature helps users find dates for in-person weddings

Tinder’s latest feature helps users find dates for in-person weddings

Tinder is back with a new feature that will make the entire process easier if taking a total stranger as your plus one to a wedding doesn’t sound like a bad idea to you. The company has announced a new feature called Plus One, which allows users to notify others that they’re looking for a date to accompany them to a wedding.

On Thursday, Tinder announced its new Plus One feature, stating that it has partnered with WeddingWire to help users find someone to accompany them to a wedding as a date. The feature is available in the app’s Explore section, allowing users to communicate their specific needs to others who may want to accompany them.

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Meanwhile, the partnership with WeddingWire is launching a ‘Wedding Guest Grant’ giveaway, which is now live. According to WeddingWire, the first 100 people who join the Plus One section of Explore will receive $460 toward the cost of a wedding — the average amount people spend to show up as guests.

Many in the wedding industry are anticipating a surge in weddings later this year and into 2022. The reason is — you guessed it — because of the pandemic-related wedding postponements in 2020 and most of 2021.

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In-person weddings have become a safer option again thanks to a combination of widely available vaccines, low-cost rapid COVID-19 tests, and loosened travel restrictions. According to Tinder, since the beginning of 2021, the number of users adding “plus one” to their profiles has increased by 45 percent.

Source: tinderpressroom