Tinder is getting its own virtual currency for users desperate to match

Tinder is getting its own virtual currency for users desperate to match

Tinder, the popular dating app, is set to launch its virtual in-app currency for users who want to improve their chances of matching someone. The currency was initially trialed with a small group of users, but it will soon be available for anyone on the platform to earn…or purchase with real money if they run out sooner than expected.

Tinder coins, which are only redeemable for perks in the app, are earned by using the app regularly: coins are earned when one’s profile is kept up-to-date and when one is active on the platform. Users can then exchange their coins for Boosts, Super Likes, and other bonuses that help them win more matches.

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For example, Super Boost is an upgrade that allows users to skip the line and be seen by more potential matches. As a result, your chances of matching with someone improve. Instead of paying, use the app to earn coins that can be redeemed for Super Boost.

Users can also spend money to get coins, according to Bloomberg. This allows users to take advantage of the benefits without paying cash, and it may also increase the number of people who spend money when the coins run out.

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Users who can get the perks without spending any money will see the advantages of doing so and may want to keep getting them even after the virtual currency runs out. Tinder coins will first be available in Australia, with plans to expand to other markets shortly.

Source: Bloomberg