TikTok Will Now Automatically Remove Videos That Break the Rules

TikTok Will Now Automatically Remove Videos That Break the Rules

Automated video removals will be used for sex, violence, and other purposes.

TikTok has adopted an automated mode of content moderation. Videos that violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines will be removed automatically by the platform.

TikTok puts content removal in technology’s hands.

TikTok posted a message on the TikTok newsroom revealing its plans to improve content removal efficiency. Video uploaded to TikTok had previously been subject to an initial filter which checked whether it violated any TikTok guidelines. Then, a TikTok safety officer would inspect a flagged video and decide whether to remove it.

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TikTok now takes human review out of some of the removal processes in the US and Canada. Its content moderation technology can automatically remove certain content types without the assistance of humans.

TikTok will only deal with videos it can identify “with the greatest degree of accuracy.” Videos that violate TikTok policies regarding adult nudity, safety for minors, and violence are excluded.

However, the human side of TikTok’s safety team will not be watching passively. They will be responsible for handling more complex content like harassment, bullying, misinformation, and harassment. TikTok says that the change in pace gives them a break from watching “distressing” videos.

TikTok claims that its technology will be improved to reduce “incorrect removals,” but mistakes can still happen. The platform’s removal system has an error rate of 5 percent, as noted in the post. This is a significant video considering TikTok removed more than 61 million clips in 2021’s first half.

TikTok will inform the user in their Inbox of any video that is removed by the platform. In addition, a ban will be immediately issued for any violations of zero tolerance. Repeated, less serious violations may also result in a ban.

TikTok can remove content that doesn’t violate its policies. The creator can appeal the removal.

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Will TikTok remove more videos in 2021

TikTok now has an automated portion of its content removal process so that takedowns will be more visible on the platform. However, users may find it frustrating when videos that don’t violate the TikTok policy are included.

It isn’t easy to replace human eyes in moderating content. Therefore, we don’t expect to see TikTok’s removal rate rise even more in TikTok’s following Transparency report.