Windows 11 Freezing on Startup? Here’s How to Fix It

Windows 11 Freezing on Startup? Here’s How to Fix It

Here we can see, “Windows 11 Freezing on Startup? Here’s How to Fix It”

  • Numerous users of Windows 11 have reported freezing issues, which are caused by a fault and are simply fixable.
  • This could result from a deeper RAM-related problem with your PC.
  • Using the Command Prompt is a proven solution that you can use.

With Windows 11, there has been a tremendous improvement in terms of design and technical developments. Since the OS has been made public, everyone wants to use it.

Microsoft used Windows Insiders to remove several issues and improve the OS for everyday users. It appears that there are still some roadblocks, though.

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People have reported having problems locking up computers and becoming completely unresponsive.

Thank goodness Microsoft recognized this issue and provided a simple fix. If this problem has also affected you, the easy fixes listed below will 100% repair the issue.

Why is my PC freezing up when I start it up?

Your computer could freeze up for various causes most of the time. The list includes damaged and/or corrupt operating system files, slow secondary storage, and insufficient RAM (Random-Access-Memory) on your computer, among other things.

Although the recommended solution, which involves simply deleting a registry file using the Command Prompt, also worked for many customers to stop Windows 11 from freezing was to desync their computer clocks.

The procedures for the two previously stated fixes are provided below for your convenience, and you can resolve the problem using this information.

How can I fix Windows 11’s freezing problem?

1. Use the Command Prompt

    1. To bring up the security screen, first execute the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del. After that, select Task Manager from the list of options.
    2. Then, from the menu bar, select the File tab. From the overflow menu, select the Run new task option.
    3. Then, put cmd in the text box and press Enter or the OK key on your keyboard after clicking the OK button.
    4. Now, enter on the keyboard after typing or pasting the following command into the cmd window.

reg delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\IrisService /f && shutdown -r -t 0

Many people might not feel comfortable deleting a registry file on their computer because using this method to fix the problem needs you to do so. If so, the second option might be much more appropriate.

2. Desync the clock

    1. To do this, open the security panel by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Del. After that, select Task Manager from the list of options.
    2. Now select the Run new task option from the overflow menu by clicking the File tab in the top left corner of the screen.
    3. The Control Panel will then open once you put control in the textbox and press the OK or Enter keys on your keyboard.
    4. Locate and select the Date and Time option from the grid in the Control Panel window.
    5. After that, click the Change settings option on the window’s Internet Time tab.
    6. Uncheck the option to synchronize with an Internet time server in the overlay window, then click OK to confirm and dismiss.
    7. Then select the Change date and time button under the Date and Time tab.
    8. Choose a day that is at least three to four days in advance of the current date in the overlay window, then click OK to confirm your choice and close the window.
    9. In the end, click the Start Menu symbol that is shown on the taskbar. After that, select Restart to restart the machine.

How do I prevent Windows 11 from freezing on startup?

Various ways prevent a Windows 11 machine from freezing up when it first starts up. You can ensure that no unnecessary startup apps are enabled to guarantee there is no additional stress on the CPU during startup.

Run a DISM scan on the computer to check for any corrupted, damaged, or missing OS files. This will allow you to correct faults and restore your PC to full health.

It’s time to test the PC’s RAM and ROM if there is a dramatic decline in speed across the board and things like browsing directories or opening apps are taking longer than usual. This is because these components also play a big part in how the system functions.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does my Windows 11 computer frequently crash?

Screen resolutions higher than your GPU can handle frequently cause screen freezes on Windows 11. Remember that Windows 11 handles available display resolutions differently from Windows versions before it.

2. Why keeps my computer from starting up?

Your hardware may be failing if it freezes at startup. Hard disk issues will harm data, and your operating system won’t start. RAM is a frequent offender that can lead to boot issues; similar to your hard disk, RAM can become infected by malware or merely stop working with time.

3. Is Windows 11 going to damage my computer?

The release of Windows 11 has not gone as smoothly as many would have wanted due to speed concerns, unclear system requirements, high memory utilization, and other problems.

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