TikTok Launches Longer Videos for All Users

TikTok Launches Longer Videos for All Users

TikTok now allows users to upload longer videos. This is a significant increase over the old limit of one minute.

Three-Minute Videos Are Coming to TikTok

TikTok’s short clips were a big reason for its popularity. But, now that trend is about to change. The app posted a notice on its TikTok Newsroom stating that everyone will create longer videos.

In December 2020, TikTok began to explore the possibility of creating longer videos and then later started testing three-minute videos with a select group of creators. As a result, users will be able to get more creative with longer videos, which will allow them to improve their tutorials, comedic skits, and dance routines.

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Drew Kirchoff, TikTok’s product manager, stated that longer videos would give creators more options to create new content.

Users with a one-minute limit can’t create multiple videos to convey a single idea. It isn’t very pleasant for creators who must pause to create second or third clips. However, it can also be frustrating for viewers who will have to search for parts two and three.

Creators have a lot more freedom when filming three-minute videos. Although the platform did not give a date, it stated that the new length would be in effect “over the next weeks.” When users can create longer videos, they will be notified.

Will Longer Videos Change TikTok for the Better?

Because they are so short, viral clips from TikTok can be very memorable. Short clips are more popular than long videos. After all, that’s what YouTube is for.

YouTube’s new limit for TikTok may pose a greater threat to the online video giant. YouTube Shorts is a TikTok-inspired TikTok app that allows users to record and upload one-minute videos. However, YouTube might have to work harder to be competitive now that TikTok has diversified its video lengths.

Instagram even has Reels. Facebook may even display Reels in its Stories panel. This will make it possible to view short-form videos across all social platforms.

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Longer Videos Will Likely Make TikTok More Dominant

TikTok’s endless stream of entertaining and funny videos is a major reason why it dominates social media. While 60-second videos are easy to follow, three-minute videos will keep users hooked on TikTok for longer periods.