The Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer has been leaked in the app as a smaller – and hopefully cheaper – variant

The Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer has been leaked in the app as a smaller – and hopefully cheaper – variant

For those who aren’t interested in the Gen 3 Sub, Sonos has unwittingly announced the existence of a smaller, possibly cheaper subwoofer. The new model was announced on a page in the Sonos app that explains how to add a second subwoofer to a Sonos audio setup. Even though the model hasn’t been officially released, the menu discloses a few critical facts.

In May 2020, Sonos launched the Gen 3 Sub subwoofer alongside its new Arc soundbar. The enormous square-shaped subwoofer is still available for purchase, enhancing one’s home entertainment experience, but at a hefty $749 price tag. Some users will find that price too costly to justify, which is where the rumored Sub Mini comes in.

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The Sub Mini’s existence was confirmed in the Sonos app, at least according to a screenshot published in the Sonos subreddit by Reddit user S114HED. The screenshot is from Sonos’ “Quick Help” guidance on how to connect a second Sub to an existing audio system, which was added to Sonos’ support in December 2020.

The Sub Mini is referenced twice in the snapshot, with a visual description of the device: “a smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” compared to the larger, cube-shaped Gen 3 Sub. Unfortunately, the Sub Mini cannot be used as a second subwoofer in a system that already includes a Sub. Even though the Sub Mini has surfaced in the Sonos app, it has yet to be confirmed, and the company has yet to respond to the leak.

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The pricing of the Sub Mini is also unknown. However, it’s quite likely to be less than the expensive Gen 3 Sub. The device will most likely be added to the audio product line to satisfy demand from Sonos consumers who, for example, want to add a subwoofer to an Arc soundbar but don’t want to spend nearly $1,000 on the Sub.

It’s too early to say when Sonos will formally announce the Sub Mini, but the fact that it’s already in the Sonos app indicates that it’ll be released shortly.

Source: reddit