Free Fire & Money Heist [EXCLUSIVE] Crossover Announced

Free Fire & Money Heist [EXCLUSIVE] Crossover Announced

EXCLUSIVE: In December, Garena will host a new crossover event with Netflix’s Money Heist for Free Fire’s mobile battle royale game.

EXCLUSIVE: Garena has confirmed that Free Fire will have a second crossover event with Money Heist, with additional missions and unlockables. Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game with millions of active players, and during the 2020 shutdown, the game saw a tremendous influx of new players.

Due to the game’s popularity, some properties are hosting Free Fire-themed events. The anime/manga series Attack on Titan and One Punch Man, Ragnarok, and Burger King are among them. Free Fire and the Netflix series Money Heist, originally titled La Casa De Papel, had a crossover event in 2020. The Plan Bermuda event in Free Fire brought new unlockables, including the show’s distinctive red jumpsuits and masks.

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On December 3, the final episodes of Season 5 of Money Heist will premiere on Netflix, and the show will also be part of a second crossover event with Free Fire. According to Garena, the new crossover event, Final Episode: Raid and Run, will take place from December 3 to 14. This is owing to the great response to the first crossover, which was released in 2020. The Free Fire Official North America YouTube website has a teaser for the Final Episode: Raid and Run event.

The Professor from Money Heist will fly to Bermuda with a new assignment for players in the final episode, Raid and Run. It’s up to the player to save a Free Fire Squad apprehended during a previous heist and accomplish their goal of finding gold. As part of the event, you’ll collaborate with the Professor and complete in-game missions. Final Episode: Raid and Run participants can win Free Fire x Money Heist collection pieces, themed goods that can be worn in battle. During Final Episode: Raid and Run, the graphics of Free Fire will be overhauled as well, with a new interface and in-game reskin.

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In recent years, the battle royale genre has grown synonymous with crossovers, with character skins becoming a hot commodity among gamers. Money Heist’s red jumpsuits and masks are a natural fit for a battle royale game (unlike Fortnite’s gun-toting Narutos), and they’ll soon be commonplace on the battlefield in Free Fire.

From December 3 to 14, 2021, Free Fire will host the Final Episode: Raid and Run event.

Source: Garena, Free Fire Official North America