DTS Digital Surround is now available on Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and Amp with the Sonos S2 update

DTS Digital Surround is now available on Arc, Beam, Playbar, Playbase, and Amp with the Sonos S2 update

Sonos subscribers received an update on November 16, 2021, featuring improvements to Battery Saver, EQ Settings, and DTS Digital Surround. This Sonos S2 software update brings different capabilities to different devices. The software will not be available to all users simultaneously, as is sometimes the case with large updates. Amazon also hinted that Amazon Music Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos Music support is on the way – not yet, but soon.

DTS Digital Surround sound decoding is now supported in this Sonos S2 software version. DTS Digital Surround isn’t compatible with every Sonos device ever built. Instead, starting this week, a few Sonos devices will be compatible with DTS Digital Surround.

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The Sonos Amp, Playbase, Playbar, Beam (Gen 1), Beam (Gen 2), and Arc will all get DTS Digital Surround with the Sonos S2 Update. According to Sonos, users will now have a “more immersive way to experience their Blu-Ray discs, gaming consoles, and more” thanks to this new feature support.

Battery Saver on Roam and Move is also included in the Sonos S2 firmware update. After 30 minutes of inactivity, speakers with this update will automatically turn off. The Battery Saver feature contains an on/off option to enable or disable the feature.

If Battery Saver is turned on, Roam and Move users will have to hit the physical power button on their device to play music. When Battery Saver switches off the power and leaves it off, Move will “retain battery life for up to 30 days,” while Roam will “retain battery life for up to 70 days.”

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With the iOS Sonos app, EQ Settings will appear on the Now Playing Screen. The EQ Settings screen may be accessed by tapping the volume slider bar and pressing the equaliser button on the right-hand side, including Loudness, Bass, and Treble.

By accessing the Sonos app and checking for updates, you can get this update. Settings – System – System Updates – Check for Updates is the command. For the most part, this update should be accessible to iOS users starting this afternoon. “In the coming months,” Android users will be able to use EQ Settings on the Now Playing Screen.

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