Telegram now lets you video chat on group calls

Telegram now lets you video chat on group calls

Telegram voice chats are getting old. You can now video chat with groups of people on Telegram, regardless of whether you are using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

This new feature is available in the Voice Chat function. A camera icon will appear whenever you create a voice chat. To enable your video, all you need to do is tap it.

You can also make a fullscreen video and pin someone to the conference center, just like with Zoom or Google Meet. This will ensure that the call remains focused on the person who joins it.

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It’s important to note that voice chats do not have a limit on the number of participants. Telegram claims that this limit is temporary and will be increased in the future. However, the video will be available only for the 30 first people who join the call.

Telegram also offers the option to share your screen. You can switch between your camera and your content while you are on video.

Telegram also added noise suppression to voice chats to go along with these new features. It will help keep everyone’s audio clear when you are on a call in noisy environments. You can now turn the feature on or off manually by going to your Settings.

Additionally, the company added a few more video chat features to tablets and desktops because there is more screen space.

There is a side panel on both devices that opens to split-screen views. You can view a grid of the participants and a list from which to choose.

Telegram also released some features that were only available in the desktop app:

  • Screen sharing will be possible for users rather than broadcasting their whole screen.
  • Voice chats will be available in a separate window.
  • All those who share their screen will be automatically pinned to the call.
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You can download the latest update on iOS, Android, and macOS.