Telegram Is Making It Easier to Import WhatsApp Conversations


Telegram has been debuting a new tool that transports WhatsApp discussions in only a couple of taps.

Telegram has witnessed a spike of WhatsApp deserters after the statement of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. As a result of this, Telegram is creating a particular instrument to help users increase their WhatsApp chat histories.

Telegram Accommodates Horde of Former WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy sparked outrage among consumers since it included a condition that compels users to share information with Facebook. Though WhatsApp postponed the policy’s launching because of “confusion” and “misinformation,” plenty of customers dropped WhatsApp for options like Telegram and Signal.

To accommodate the influx of WhatsApp consumers, Telegram makes it easier for consumers to import chat background from WhatsApp. Users and iOS will currently have the ability to import their dialog histories in only a couple of taps.

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Telegram summarizes the entire migration directions in a post on the Telegram Blog, also notes that the program saw 100 million users in January 2021 alone. Nearly all those people were probably elderly WhatsApp users.

Can WhatsApp Ever Told Its Lost Users?

Option protected messaging programs are rapidly outpacing WhatsApp. WhatsApp dropped an enormous number of users after its privacy policy statement, and it does not look as though they’ll go back. Many of its customers feel betrayed and could probably instead use a program with no link to Facebook whatsoever.