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Spotify rules out AirPlay 2 support on iOS

Spotify seems to have decided to not support Apple's AirPlay 2 casting technology in its iOS app, at least not yet. A moderator posted on...

Spotify Is Testing a $0.99/Month Subscription Tier

Spotify Plus would open up new features while still making you hear ads. Spotify is actively testing a replacement subscription plan. Called Spotify Plus, the...

Spotify is trying even harder to make you like its podcasts

So Spotify is just about an audio app lately instead of a music streaming service. The investment in podcasts is sparking subscription fee increases,...

Spotify Partners With Facebook for In-App Music Player

Spotify and Facebook have close to collectively improve users’ sharing experiences. Discovery has also been a crucial aspect to Spotify users. By allowing Spotify audio...

Facebook and Spotify Are Working on Something Called Project Boombox

Since Facebook expands to the world of Sound, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Triumphed into an Alliance with Spotify. Project Boombox, the title of the approaching...

You Can Now Download Full Albums in Spotify for Desktop

Spotify desktop computer users, rejoice. Spotify for desktop allows you to download music files for offline usage. This permits you to bring all of...

Spotify Announces “Car Thing,” Its In-Vehicle Smart Media Player

Spotify provides the Automobile Thing to a restricted number of Premium readers in the United States at No Cost. Spotify now finally took the wraps...

Spotify Is Getting Its Own Wake Word for Voice Commands

Spotify is introducing its wake term to allow customers to control audio playback hands-free using voice controls. "Hey Spotify" Is Now a Thing By GSM Arena,...

Report: Spotify Is Still Working on Its “Car Thing” Hardware

Spotify's Automobile Thing, initially shown in 2019, will be making rounds on the web again. New pictures of the auto Thing found from the...