Spotify Partners With Facebook for In-App Music Player

Spotify Partners With Facebook for In-App Music Player

Spotify and Facebook have close to collectively improve users’ sharing experiences.

Discovery has also been a crucial aspect to Spotify users. By allowing Spotify audio discovery to occur directly within the Facebook app, it creates a more seamless experience for listeners, without having them switch between apps.

Spotify Premium users will now be ready to discover and knowledge songs and podcast episodes with full playback directly from Spotify from inside the mobile Facebook app on iOS and Android phones. Similarly, those that don’t have a premium account can enjoy an equivalent experience in shuffle mode, but with accompanying ads.

Not only does this allow users to directly share songs to their Facebook News Feed, but fans will have greater reach with the power to play songs through the in-app mini-player. Certain verified artists’ posts or maybe user-uploaded videos on Facebook that contain licensed music are going to be available.

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As social media sharing continues to spotlight the user experience and audio continually brings people together, Spotify and Facebook hope to be at the forefront of bridging social audio interactions.